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Upload a video of your golf swing and let Sarah review it from the comfort of your home

Technology has advanced dramatically over the past few years but let a PGA Professional identify the swing faults from a ball flight perspective rather from a “cosmetic” point of view. For only £25 you will receive a report on your swing with a suggested drill to assist with your area of development

“The sole purpose of the golf swing is to produce a correct impact- the method employed is of no significance as long as it is repetitive” 
-John Jacobs

It is vital that a qualified Profession who understands ball flight diagnosis your swing and gives you some drills and practice solutions to enhance your game.

Recording your Golf Swing for Analysis

Any recording device can be used including smartphone cameras, it is the positioning of the camera and clarity of the recording that are key to diagnosis of impact.


On line video instruction


  • Try to hold the camera as still as possible when recording your swings the use of a tripod is preferable
  • Remember to include a Face on recording and a down the line image
  • Ensure the golfer is in the centre of the camera with the club clearly visible
  • It is best to video in bright daylight rather than dusk
Sarah Bennett Golf Testimonial
Amateur Golfer

I took up golf around 10 Years ago teaching myself DIY golf along the way, this year I was losing interest in the game because I just couldn’t improve and was fed up with my inconsistent game.

Sarah’s sessions are really enjoyable because they target your needs and are practical and fully supported with a communication platform. his helps you view at leisure videos of your new swing, grip, analysis and coaching notes Sarah provides. You can upload videos and questions so Sarah can support you between sessions.

In Summary If you want to improve or are losing interest as I was and you want to get back to enjoying your round of Golf, being more consistent, than I would strongly recommend contacting Sarah

I have the enjoyment back in the game by improving and I have just extended my lessons with Sarah to continue my development; I just wish I had done this earlier instead of sticking with my DIY Golf.


Burnham Golf Club

Sarah Bennett Golf Testimonial
Ballards Gore Golf Club

I have received lessons from Sarah Bennett for about a year now, during this time Sarah has reduced my handicap to 19.4 after 3 lessons from 23 which I was delighted.

Sarah explained clearly the areas we were going to work on using a mix of the latest technology and her simplistic language. I had never experienced a playing lesson before in which Sarah taught me how to manage and think my way round the course, the impact was dramatic with instant results. This lead me into having the confidence to play for the Club in the Harris bowl for the first time this season which was only through Sarah’s motivation and patience. I have just won my Clubs match play knock out which has been a really pleasing finale to the 2015.

Thank you so much Sarah for everything

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On line swing analysis lessons and practice drills are taken at your own risk, it is expected the client has been permitted to undertake such golfing activities by their General practitioner.