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GolfingGirl Ladies Get into Golf group lessons

GolfingGirls  Ladies Get into golf group lessons 2024

2024  calendar dates released below don't miss out on your chance to learn with other GolfingGirls

Get ready to work on your game whilst meeting new friends with my GolfingGirl Ladies Get into Golf group lessons at Lexden Wood Golf Club in Colchester Essex which is known for its fantastic facilities and relaxed environment.

Sarah Bennett Golf

Sarah Bennett Womens Golf School

Sarah Bennett Women's Golf School

If you have not attended one of Sarah Bennett Women's Golf School now is the perfect opportunity to join in. Sarah has endless experience of running and delivering Women's Golf Schools for 15 years.

One firm favorite is the resort of Islantilla because of it's beautiful location nestled in the driest area of Huelva in sunny Spain where Sarah has held her successful schools for 15 years.

UK Golf Schools


Sarah Bennett Golf has been arranging UK Golf Schools for twelve years now which have been a sought after Event in her annual calendar.

Sarah has over 10 years of organizing a variety of UK Golf Schools at different locations with two new destinations during the 2023 season.  The events Sarah arranges both locally and abroad are very popular and  she certainly understands the importance of attention to detail which ensures her clients have a memorable golf break.