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Deb Stone Retired New to Golf but Loving it

As a relative beginner to the game of golf, I feel inspired the way Sarah Bennett has imparted her wealth of knowledge to guide and assist me with my game.

Sarah’s inimitable approach in making the lessons fun and informative has given me the confidence and motivation to progress and achieve my first handicap.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah who really cares and is committed to help others achieve their aspirations.

Debbie Stones



Helen Muir Amateur Golfer Thornon Park Golf Club

I was recommended to see Sarah Bennett to progress my golf. Sarah assessed my goals and was quick to analyse the areas I need to improve to attain my handicap and representative goals. She devised a winter programme as I enjoy practicing but did not know how to get the best from my range work.

Sarah has been encouraging and motivational sending me a number of drills to work on in between lessons.

This transformation in my golf has resulted in representing my home club in matches and being awarded the title of “Golfer of the Year”

Thank you Sarah for the belief you have in me and providing me with the tools to understand my own game.

Rachael Locke Amateur Golfer

Sarah has really assisted me with my game over the past two years and understands how to work with a player’s limitations and any injuries.

I have really enjoyed meeting and joining Golfing Girl in particular playing in Sarah’s annual Golf School in Spain and I look forward to joining many other events and days out during 2021 and beyond.

I wouldn’t hesitating in recommending Sarah as a Golf Coach


Recreational Player

Rayleigh Club member

Neil Levis Former Journalist

I have attended group lessons delivered by Sarah Bennett at Three Rivers Golf Club and really enjoyed the variety of content.

The first thing you appreciate within the lesson is the enthusiasm Sarah has for golf and how she is determined for you to enjoy the game.

Throughout the lesson she imparts useful tips in a way which you will remember. The group lessons are phenomenally good value and very productive.

Thank you Sarah, long may your enthusiasm burn.

Neil Levis

Stephen Burford Amateur Golfer Three Rivers Golf Club

Sarah Bennett  has a knack of finding the key to improve your game, looking at each individual to find their unique strengths and areas of improvement.

“I leave Sarah’s lessons feeling more in control of my game, knowing what and how to practice resulting in improved scores. Sarah’s men’s group lessons are fun and bring competition into the classes, a brilliant idea.

Sarah has the golfing experience and coaching skills but most of all she can see what it will take to improve your game.

Stephen Burford

Three Rivers Member

Amanda Houston Nurse

Sarah Bennett is an excellent teacher and has filled me with the confidence to play the game as a new golfer. Her experience, comprehension and enthusiasm came across immediately in my first lesson. I am gaining skills, knowledge and an understanding of the game which is improving. I am totally addicted…

I combine my individual lessons with Sarah’s Golfing Girl group lessons which I love and benefiting from both. I am so grateful I chose Sarah as my golf coach and would recommend her to golfers of all levels.

Amanda Houston


Trudi Marriner Care Assistant

I have really enjoyed and benefited from all of Sarah’s lessons which have been great fun and really practical. It has been easy to transfer what I have learnt in the lessons to when I am playing. I take away new ideas each session but not too many that I am over whelmed.

This is easy to write as your lessons are brilliant.


Thorpe Hall Golf Club


Robert Svensson Manager

I have been playing golf for many years, by total coincidence I ended up playing golf with Sarah at my home club one evening.

I had been worried about taking coaching for many years in case the instructor wanted to rebuild my whole swing.

I explained this to Sarah and her comments to me was “I should be able to see a change and improvement in ball striking right away”

Sarah’s greatest advantage is that she has the ability to explain the changes in a very simple way for the first time I have understood what a golf coach is trying to teach me.

I have had 4 lessons with Sarah and now using a driver for the first time ever with confidence and playing under my handicap on a regular basis. The destructive hook shot and low ball flight is a thing of the past.

I am at my lowest ever  handicap during the winter months so really look forward to the Summer months but more importantly having more fun than ever on the golf course. I did not think the changes would be possible in such a short time.

Thank you Sarah I look forward to working with Sarah for a long time to come.


Kathy Steggles Recreational Golfer

What can I say about Sarah, she is such a great Coach. I have learnt so much during our 1–2-1 lessons and joining Golfing Girls was one of the best moves I have ever done.

The Golfing Girls monthly sessions are so much fun with girls of all abilities who all want to play better golf. Sarah is full of innovative and fun ways of learning. Thank you so much Sarah, I can’t wait until the next session.

Kathy Steggles

Three Rivers Golf and Country Club

Linda Cross Health Care Professional, Club Team Member

Sarah Bennett was recommended to me by a single figure handicap golfer, I am now much more confident player who wants to progress. Sarah’s coaching has provided me with the drive and motivation to achieve my goals.

Sarah Bennett Golf Testimonial
Dave Watson Amateur Golfer

I took up golf around 10 Years ago teaching myself DIY golf along the way, this year I was losing interest in the game because I just couldn’t improve and was fed up with my inconsistent game.

Sarah’s sessions are really enjoyable because they target your needs and are practical and fully supported with a communication platform. his helps you view at leisure videos of your new swing, grip, analysis and coaching notes Sarah provides. You can upload videos and questions so Sarah can support you between sessions.

In Summary If you want to improve or are losing interest as I was and you want to get back to enjoying your round of Golf, being more consistent, than I would strongly recommend contacting Sarah

I have the enjoyment back in the game by improving and I have just extended my lessons with Sarah to continue my development; I just wish I had done this earlier instead of sticking with my DIY Golf.


Burnham Golf Club

Sarah Bennett Golf Testimonial
Elaine Ballards Gore Golf Club

I have received lessons from Sarah Bennett for about a year now, during this time Sarah has reduced my handicap to 19.4 after 3 lessons from 23 which I was delighted.

Sarah explained clearly the areas we were going to work on using a mix of the latest technology and her simplistic language. I had never experienced a playing lesson before in which Sarah taught me how to manage and think my way round the course, the impact was dramatic with instant results. This lead me into having the confidence to play for the Club in the Harris bowl for the first time this season which was only through Sarah’s motivation and patience. I have just won my Clubs match play knock out which has been a really pleasing finale to the 2015.

Thank you so much Sarah for everything

Elaine Amateur Golfer Burnham Golf Club

I have received a series of short game and putting lessons from Sarah, who would have thought I would have had so much fun with a piece of string and metal putting rings. I had a brilliant time and now I am armed with  series of drills and skills tests which I can utilise during my putting practice to work on my holing out.

I find Sarah’s coaching informative, competitive and enjoyable

Thank you Sarah

Dennis - Maldon Golf Club Amateur Golfer

I contacted Sarah during 2014 when I lost all my confidence and enjoyment of the game. Initially the aim was not to make drastic changes to my existing game, but it was evident that fundamental changes were required. Sarah quickly identified my golfing capabilities and coached in a manner I could understand. This was achieved via a myriad of up to date coaching techniques. Substantial progress has been made from the position I was in last year, resulting in renewed confidence, ball striking and most importantly enjoyment of the game.


Dennis Maldon Golf Club

Beverly Lewis PGA Master Professional

I have known Sarah for over 25 years and she is one of the most diligent Golf Professionals I know. She has progressed rapidly throughout her coaching career and is constantly willing to learn whilst growing her knowledge of the game which she delivers to her students in a clear,concise and Professional way. Sarah is a credit to her Profession with her recent appointment of England U18 Regional Coach is one she has worked extremely hard and thoroughly deserves. It is the combination of her outstanding Amateur and Professional playing career that makes her a highly sought after golf professional in Essex

Kate Crondon Park

“I have been having lessons with Sarah for a number of years now and all aspects of my game have improved dramatically in that time.  She has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience  and works hard to keep up with the latest developments in coaching. But it is her huge enthusiasm for golf that is infectious and I always feel that we are working together as a team to make me the best golfer I can be.

Ian Dunston Hall GC. Norwich

Thanks for reviewing my swing the minor changes you suggested and the drills you gave me to do are working well. I’m now able to play golf more often and more importantly i’m able to play pain free for the first time in a long while

Ian (Dunston Hall GC. Norwich)

Ian Three Rivers Golf Club

Thanks for reviewing my putting last week, I’ve been trying the small changes you advised me to do and my average putts are falling like a stone, I’ll soon be breaking the 2 putts a hole barrier and am well on my way to consistently scoring less than 90.

I enjoy all the lessons I have with you as it is refreshing to find someone willing to work with the swing I have instead of trying to make me swing “the correct way” which I find impossible with the back injury I have.

Edna Chelmsford

I have met a number of  golfers all of a similar standard as a direct result of Sarah’s ladies group coaching lessons. I now play on a regular basis whilst attending Sarah’s UK and overseas golf schools with many of the original group. I find Sarah’s coaching easy to understand and she gives you realistic practice drills which improve your game instantly. She has the ability to coach players of all standards and would highly recommend a visit to see her.

Lou South Benfleet

I have been playing golf now for 20 years and have received several lessons in the past which have been helpful. This is the first time I am hitting the ball longer with more accuracy I am now playing golf with greater confidence and this is thanks to Sarah.

Each time I hit a good shot I am saying to myself “Thanks Sarah” I am now winning matches with confidence even the girls at the club are calling me a “bandit”

My goal is to reduce my handicap further to my lowest figure, you also feel with Sarah you are special and she loves to hear how you are doing

“Thank Sarah, you are the best..”