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07719 617349
Sarah Bennett Professional Golf coaching

Group Golf Lessons

I am delighted to add a further two golf group lessons which will give you the choice of Sarah’s Chipping class or Sarah’s slice fixer! Both I am sure you will agree are critical within a round of golf.

The golf lessons will provide you with information as to what causes the slice and will arm you with a number of various drills to help you start hitting the fairways again whilst adding those extra yards we are all seeking! The ideal setting to interact with other golfers and learn what is right for you

The dates are as follows:

Monday 29th September 1.30pm-3.30pm Sarah’s short game class

Tuesday 14th October 1pm-3pm Sarah’s slice Fixer

£19.00 per session (£20 using on line payment)

The classes represent excellent value at £19.00 each for the 2 hours and can be booked on line using my new payments pageSarah Bennett Professional Golf coaching


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