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Ladies Get into Golf

Sarah Bennett Golf Professional is renowned for the quality and interactive Ladies Get into Golf coaching  in Essex. Sarah delivers Get into Golf sessions at Three Rivers Golf Club in Essex where she is PGA Head Golf Professional. The number of ladies who have started their golfing lives with Sarah is well over the 250 figure in just under three years. A major positive is the variety of on- going events and group sessions offered as a follow on enabling those new to golf to continue participation with GolfingGirl. The Jubilee course at Three Rivers Golf Club is the ideal venue for Sarah’s initiatives with the generous fairways and super condition which receives excellent reviews.

Read about what I can offer then watch out for my 2018 Ladies Get into Golf dates which are the most sought after in Essex.


Ladies Get into Golf

Sarah does not just coach the technical elements as this alone does not prove to be the answer, she spends time coaching her ladies how to “play” the game of golf. The friendly welcoming environment of Three Rivers Golf Club coupled with Sarah’s warm personality are the ideal combination.



Sarah Bennett Golf

FAQ for Ladies Get into Golf

Do I need to have played golf before?

Absolutely not! The idea of these sessions are a starting point but one which you will never look back. Everyone is in the same situation so don’t be shy come and join in the fun.

What do I wear?

With our typical tropical climate here in the UK!! it varies…however, anything goes from jeans to shorts to bobble hat as long as you are comfortable and can swing your arms and move your body casual clothing is fine! Some trainers or sneakers are ideal for your outing to the course. Golf is becoming a fashionable sport so the pre -conceived “golf attire” does not hold true these days.




Do I need golf clubs or sticks?

With the very informal and light hearted sessions you can call a golf club whatever you wish! You will not require clubs or golf balls as everything is provided. There is no need for expensive or full range of equipment. I will advise on the most suitable starter or second hand sets which is adequate.

Where do we meet?

GolfingGirls will meet at the far end of the clubhouse at Three Rivers, you will know where we are by the noise volume..”Fore”

How do I pay and book?

Please just bring either cash or a cheque on the day to cover the cost of the coaching.  Some sessions will be 2 hours which I have found to be the most effective golf lessons. However, during the winter months and daylight restrictions an hour is often scheduled.

I can be contacted via my mobile number or by using the contact form on this website, I will get back to you the following day the very latest. I pride myself on an efficient and Professional response to your request.

What happens after the first few lessons?

If you find you are hooked on the game and enjoy meeting your new found friends, then there will be a follow on series of lessons which will include the right to go on the Jubilee course for the duration of the lesson series which is a fantastic way to progress your learnings. Many players will then continue with some individual lessons which is important to ensure your progress continues for maximum enjoyment.

How can I keep in touch?

Please sign up to my journal and Newsletter via my SarahBennettGolf website which will provide specials and useful information, these are sent our approximately quarterly. Please contact me via my e mail or good old fashioned phone as I would love to help Ladies Get into Golf.

I also run a closed Golfing Girl page which is monitored for ladies who attend sessions or I coach on a 1-2-1 basis. There is no advertising on this page unless given the go ahead by myself.




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