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Festive Golfing Day 2012

Wendys Thymic Fundraiser

Wendys Thymic Fundraiser day  for 2021 was a huge success having raised £6,000. Wendy entrusted me to start the first ever worldwide Thymic cancer abnormalities research in her memory. The goal with the ground breaking research is to raise awareness through the research results in the second phase.

We have raised just short of £40,000 from our three Golf Days… what an achievement from everyone, I can’t Thank you all enough.

The aim is to receive the support from National Cancer charities to fund further individual targeted therapies for thymic cancer patients.

It is with your help we can achieve this goal, I look forward to seeing you later in the year.

Wendys Thymic Fundraiser 2022

Orsett Golf Club

Tuesday 9th August  Please click on the Green link below to access the Entry form which needs please to be completed

Wendys Thymic Fundraiser August 9th 2022 Orsett

I am delighted to announce the 2022 date and venue as Tuesday 9th August at Orsett Golf Club which is a fitting venue as one of Wendy’s close chums Linda Cross has announced Thymic Charity research as her Lady Captains Fundraiser. I know Wendy would be so humbled with the on going support 3 years after her passing.

The format consists of Teams of 4 which are open to Men and Women which can consist of mixed teams or any make up. If you don’t have a team please let me know and I will pair you up with other players.

The love of the game surrounded by her wide circle of devoted friends will all come together to support Wendy and help raise awareness of Thymic Carcinoma.

This will be the fourth charity golf day which is one of the most eagerly awaited events, everyone joining together to support the first of it’s kind in thymic cancer worldwide research.

The monies raised to date has been instrumental in providing the initiative to commence the first ever worldwide research into this rare cancer. We will help to broaden the knowledge of this aggressive little known cancer.

We are into the second stage of the research with the development stage having been carried out despite the current pandemic. The gratitude from the researchers would have made Wendy proud so we will continue to play our part and carrying out her wishes.

Please click below to access the Entry form

Wendys Thymic Fundraiser August 9th 2022 Orsett

The first golf day in 2018 raised in excess of £11,000 on the day with wonderful donations from the Virgin money pages set up after Wendy’s funeral is up to £18,000. The second instalment will be presented at such time with a press release to let our supporters know how the exploratory work is progressing.

With YOUR help we have raised in the region of £35,000 which is staggering and has exceeded all expectations.


Courageous and fantastic competitor….Let Wends memory live on

The 2021 day was held at Colchester Golf Club Friday which is where Wendy joined but sadly played very little due to the cancer. I started my golf ironically at Colchester GC so have been connected there for 40 years!

Paul Smith this years Club Captain chose to support the research as his “charity” so the venue was very fitting for 2021. Paul managed to

The day will be an 18 holes Am-Am event with the team event “best two scores on each hole with all scores counting on the par 3’s. The starting times will be mailed out 2 weeks prior to the day with the event information.

A magnificent trophy will once again be contested for the second year  which will continue for years to come which has been kindly donated by one of the Golfing Girls.

There will be various on course prizes and events during a day which is set to be one of the biggest charity days held at the club. Please can we all stick to the theme of wearing an item of clothing which is purple.

The most generous donations which have so far been received have been staggering just an indication as to the popularity of Wendy who has been recently named England Golf volunteer Manager of the year for 2017 by an independent committee.

Due to administrative ease please can the team “leader” make one direct bank payment if this is possible, but if members are from different clubs please either transfer individually into the charity account with initial and surname.

Please ensure on the day you check your CDH on line or at your club, we don’t require handicap certificates.

Please note the closing date is August 10th 2021 and if someone is unavailable due to unforseen circumstances please can every effort be made to replace your team member.

Unfortunately there will be no refunds as due to the field size as deposits will have been paid to secure the event of this magnitude with full payment on or before the 1st June.

I can’t Thank you all enough for your support and we look forward to welcoming a representative who will be present on the day from the Guys Charity. They will gladly explain and answer and questions you may have.



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