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Successful Pitching

Many golfers find the pitch shot a tricky one to master in golf, it is one of our "scoring" shots. When correctly executed it can save and make up many strokes during a round of golf. I hope this article will provide you with an insight into the targeted areas to achieve successful pitching on the golf course.

It is important to understand firstly the definition of a pitch along with the objective of the shot which is too often confused with the chip shot. Read More

Feel the Love of Golf

This is a fun light-hearted blog which I hope you will enjoy on the way to the first tee this weekend on that all important day... when we are supposed to rush out and buy the chocolates, flowers and cards! It is strange how a day with a title can really make us feel guilty and persuade us to pop our hands in our pockets to show we care. We should do this as a matter of cause for our loved ones and reflect on our golf on a regular basis.

Golf has been very special to me throughout my career and it does provide that "attraction" which I can't explain, I lost count the number of times I was going to quit the Tour! then I had no alternative with the decision made for me. Let's face it the game is exceedingly tricky this is the challenge. We are presented with a small club to strike a 1.68" golf ball as straight as possible with varying degrees of carry avoiding numerous hazards along the way. It is a game that is different not every round but every hole and every shot, even amongst the best in the world this is truly visible. The most talked about individual in the industry at the moment is the rapid demise of Tiger Wood's game. I personally think he will come back to his best, any physical and mental recovery from injury can take an awful long time. As a Coach and former Tour player who has been susceptible to numerous set backs it is having the commitment and belief of the body then rekindle the scoring ability that you used to possess prior to the break which needs to be able to withstand the most extreme pressures. Read More

A clinic with Bubba

Well what a superb few days at the largest PGA Golf Trade Show in the world, come to think of it one of the best venues too when you consider the cold, wet and snowy January's in the UK.... the sunshine state!

The show brings everyone involved within the industry a chance to catch up (network the proper terminology!) try the latest most sought after unreleased equipment and gadgets during demo day and the three days on the show floor. I shall be writing about this later! Read More