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Golfing girl Festive Golf Day

Well, today was proof that a few rain drops can't dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of my annual Golfing Girl Festive Golf Day! It was a matter of last-minute re scheduling and planning with a few quizzes, jokes and all round good banter did not detract from the fantastic day.

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Charity Golf Event


If this photo does not give you the Wow factor then I am not sure what will! I know many of you have seen little Kipling on my Facebook page but for those who have not, he looks so adorable! Read More

It is a Numbers Game

As golfers who take lessons from a qualified PGA Professional we would all like to achieve the same outcome "Improvement" However this word can be looked at in far greater depth. I am not suggesting your practice time has just suddenly increased by 5 hours! but your understanding and the type of practice your undertake becomes more deliberate and ultimately more effective

When we decide to embark upon a series of lessons I ensure we have a clear goal which is specific to my client and section of the game, when I ask the question "What would you like to improve upon? many of my clients reply "To become more consistent" I explain that there are a number of specific elements that are required to achieve this goal. This is where my new performance programme launched 2015 will become more apparent. Read More

Winter golf practice

It was a little bit of a shock today when the deicer and bobble hat had to be located, however this should come as no surprise as we are well into the winter period now. Every October we should start to think a little more about what type of winter golf practice we are going to embark upon in readiness for our Spring golf season. Every golfer will have a different set of goals and expectations but if I can guarantee improvement I think that would make any golfer smile!

This is the time when I discuss with my clients to produce a winter plan which will involve fewer playing rounds with increased technical work upon specific aspects of the game. I am not advocating we stand outside for 2 hours hitting golf balls in sub-zero temperatures! There are a number of simple drills that can be carried out in the comfort of your home which is always an attractive proposition. I will be adding these into my forthcoming newsletter with other exciting news and events. Read More