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Finger Golf Grip


The Finger Golf Grip is a hugely important element contributing to the consistency, strike, direction and shape of your ball flight with the majority of clubs in your golf bag. As a coach to new golfers  through to the England Regional squad and Essex Ladies County members, I constantly ensure the player spends time checking and understanding the crucial elements of the hold and how it can impact their game. Read More

Time for Reflection

Another year has come to close and it is a time for reflection. This will inevitably be a mixture of good memories and those which we have had to find inner strength and resolve to deal with both on and off the course.

As a golf coach I am always looking at areas to improve which does not just include the technical element.  Let's face it golf is not supposed to be easy and we know it is not! Golf holds a special kind of attraction the desire, determination, elation and constant tussle between our inner mind and external factors. How many times have we played 17 holes of golf in which we have already decided to "give up" only to finish with a birdie! You already know the next line... Read More