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Sarah Bennett

Golf Preparation

Before we know it we will all be stepping out on the freshly mown fairways proudly displaying their beautiful stripes lovingly made by your Head Green keepers. The mud a distant memory...well until you open your golf bag!!!

The transition between winter golf and spring/summer golf is a long one for many and the beloved golf bag has been propped up against the garage wall for a few months, well it's time to learn about golf preparation before we even step onto the first tee. Read More

The Masters

Well this time next Sunday I know we will all be sitting in front of the television finishing off the last of our Easter Eggs with all communication off except the regular updates on twitter!

It is of course the build up to one of the greatest and most eagerly anticipated golfing spectacular Tournaments of the year on the PGA Tour schedule. The Masters has become the initiator of the start of the UK golf season acting as a motivator to spend more time on the game we know and love.  We have had to endure the constant wet winters with often limited playing opportunities over the past six months so from a psychological perspective we feel the season is upon us with the anticipation of Spring like weather around the corner. Read More