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Perfect your putting practice

Do you know what and how to practice your putting?

This blog will provide you with a skill test whilst practicing your putting distance control which I like to coach my clients. The whole area of the short game is very often neglected in preference to hours of hitting buckets of balls at the range, which incidentally can bear little relevance to actual course situations unless the player possesses prior knowledge on how to achieve this. Read More

Golfing Girl is Club Champion

Sarah Bennett Getting Ladies into Golf

Three years ago Gill thought "it is about time that I joined my family and try this game called golf" She was frustrated at  listening to the stories and not being able to contribute to conversations about the super views, being outside in the fantastic Summer weather not to mention the opportunities to travel abroad. Read More

Playing Golf is Fun

Playing Golf for fun

Golf is a really unique game, it allows everyone who plays to compete on a level "playing field" due to the handicap system, graduated tees and other innovative ideas.  It is the most incredibly sociable game, assuming you  talk to your partners!

The fitness and psychological benefits are under estimated and don't forget the "feel" good factor and value for money. I don't know of any other activity that when pro- rata is £2 per hour!!! (twilight rates) Read More