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My Experience as a New Golfer

My experience as a new golfer

My Experience as a new golfer

"Imagine feeling inspired that your dreams of playing golf in your retirement years can be achieved;  that you haven't left it too late to learn how to play this game; of being able to meet new life long playing friends with the same interest and to look forward to spending many hours and days playing golf after having held a highly pressured job for so many years. I wanted to share my experience as a new golfer via Sarah Bennett Golf

These are my dreams however I feared I may have left it too late especially after taking myself off to my local golf range, trying to emulate the ease of striking the ball and seeing it fly through the air as my husband manages to do. Sadly I only experienced the disappointment of 'swishing' my 7 iron without making contact with the ball at all despite my best efforts. What to do?". Read More

How to pack your golf bag travel cover

After a tough few years for the travel industry and numerous cancelled golf trips, the season will begin in full swing very soon. I thought this journal of How to pack your golf bag travel cover maybe useful.  We all want our travel to be as smooth as the first swing we make on the first tee this year in the sunshine we are dreaming. Travelling and playing golf abroad for many maybe a new and daunting experience so I hope this short article helps.

As we are aware airlines are tight on the weight restrictions so firstly make sure your "sports equipment" is within the categorised weight allowance. So here are Sarah's top tips to start your golf school or holiday without any glitches. Read More