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How to practice effectively at the driving range

How to Practice Effectively at the Driving Range

I hope this short article will reignite your desire and increase your knowledge of how to practice effectively at the driving range. I have coached full time now for 15 years spending many hours refining my game on the Ladies European Tour including USA, Asia and Australia.

Despite my 6 hours of practice, could I take my perfectly struck shots to the golf course on a regular basis? Read More

How to keep calm on the golf course

How to Keep Calm on the Golf Course

How to keep calm on the golf course? This is a question I am asked numerous times so I thought I would just provide a few areas which everyone can revisit. The interesting fact here is nothing will come as a surprise to you or be new information but how you "action" and approach each situation I do hope will assist.

Firstly there is no magic wand, secret fairy dust or special golf balls you can buy to help keep calm on the course. A few simple thought processes and tasks requiring discipline to implement can assist. As we all know there are no short cuts to improvements within golf. Read More