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A Change in Golf Coaching

I am delighted to be commencing my golf coaching service at Three Rivers Golf Club from next week after our break of two months.

It has been an interesting period with many positives which has seen me advance my learning in many different areas both on and off the course. I started running and pilates which are both hugely advantageous for golf, along with Paul Mumfords accumulator programme.

I am proud to announce I am a now a Frankly golf certified putting instructor which is a certification I have been looking to complete so this break afforded the perfect opportunity. The practicality of the course ensures my clients will receive a variety of drills and skills to improve immediately.

Putting and the short game is an area which I am very passionate, I am sure now after all the indoor work we should see some noticeable improvements!

As I write this journal it is Mental Health awareness week so I really wanted to support my clients whilst broadening my knowledge by completing a UK Coaching course which was offered to me. We all face difficulties so being armed with the skill how best to ensure golf is an ideal sport to assist with any issues.

I am certainly ready to coach again, however there will be some major changes which will seem strange to my clients however let me explain why I believe this can be of benefit moving forwards.

I truly believe golfers will start to see the importance and value of their on course lessons which historically has been an area of limited attention for players and coaches alike. It may well be many are solely at a driving range which has advantages but limiting with the golfers overall knowledge and guidance from their coach.

I have decided to offer” Sarah’s Swing to Success” which will be a fantastic new package offering one course session followed by a FREE on line swing assessment in the comfort of your home. I will have taken a video during our on course session and reviewed ready for our “virtual” lesson.

My only objective is to deliver a safe and Professional lesson which I am now in a position to do so.

Ensuring a Safe delivery during our coaching sessions

My goal is to focus upon the soft skills of coaching so the preparation, psychology, creativity and scorability which works in tandem with the course management and shot dispersion patterns. This will form part of the review during our on line discussion and lesson.

I will follow up to conclude the coaching package with a 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching session on the range with communication in between the review and the 1-2-1 lesson. This coaching design covers numerous key areas which I believe are essential to maximise improvement.

I am hopeful now the use of zoom and other platforms have become more comfortable for a number of golfers, so this source will be utilised in many different formats going forwards. I gave a number of lessons via Zoom during our time away from golf which proved very productive. The use of social media also will be a tool which I hope I can leverage for my clients sending out useful and informative posts for conversation.

The interesting concept regarding out 1-2-1 coaching will be more demonstrations from myself with less verbalisation which is something many coaches should strive for. There will be challenges but a change to reassess the way we coach.

I will be sending a recording of the key lesson points to my client after the lesson too which will act as a cataloged reminder.

If you are ever short of indoor drills please just ask as many were posted on line with my plan to somehow collate these to my You Tube channel which has been a little more challenging.

It’s strange as for those players who had never endured a “forced” break before will be playing as many rounds as possible in as many days.. A word of caution gradually build up your golf as we certainly won’t be “Golf Fit” right away which is slightly different to possibly the main stream exercises on offer during the past few months which have been fantastic for our general well being.

I wish you all well and continued good health for the resumption of the golfing season.

I hope to see you on and off the golf course very soon, we just have to be patient but we will get there.