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07719 617349
Sarah Bennett Golf Testimonial

David Watson

I took up golf around 10 Years ago teaching myself DIY golf along the way, this year I was losing interest in the game because I just couldn’t improve and was fed up with my inconsistent game.

Sarah’s sessions are really enjoyable because they target your needs and are practical and fully supported with a communication platform. his helps you view at leisure videos of your new swing, grip, analysis and coaching notes Sarah provides. You can upload videos and questions so Sarah can support you between sessions.

In Summary If you want to improve or are losing interest as I was and you want to get back to enjoying your round of Golf, being more consistent, than I would strongly recommend contacting Sarah

I have the enjoyment back in the game by improving and I have just extended my lessons with Sarah to continue my development; I just wish I had done this earlier instead of sticking with my DIY Golf.


Burnham Golf Club