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I have been playing golf for many years, by total coincidence I ended up playing golf with Sarah at my home club one evening.

I had been worried about taking coaching for many years in case the instructor wanted to rebuild my whole swing.

I explained this to Sarah and her comments to me was “I should be able to see a change and improvement in ball striking right away”

Sarah’s greatest advantage is that she has the ability to explain the changes in a very simple way for the first time I have understood what a golf coach is trying to teach me.

I have had 4 lessons with Sarah and now using a driver for the first time ever with confidence and playing under my handicap on a regular basis. The destructive hook shot and low ball flight is a thing of the past.

I am at my lowest ever  handicap during the winter months so really look forward to the Summer months but more importantly having more fun than ever on the golf course. I did not think the changes would be possible in such a short time.

Thank you Sarah I look forward to working with Sarah for a long time to come.