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Arizona Golf Hazards

Last week one of my clients asked if I was going away? At which point I enthusiastically said ” I have just returned from Scottsdale on my Golf trip” I then started to explain how picturesque and tricky the courses were, which prompted me to write this my second blog on Golf hazards in the desert!

The weather in November was unseasonably warm however in the mornings and after sunset a light jacket was the order of the day. The mornings were around 50 degrees F after which it rapidly warmed up to 90 degrees. So preparation was the key, so pack the water, hat, sunscreen and lipbalm, it was so dry it felt as if you had cling film across your face!

Grayhawk golf sunset

The first question everyone asks when checking into the Pro shop is about the Rattlesnakes… yes I am sure they are watching every errant golf shot but rarely seen.The many notices on the course just reminded you that this was their habitat! Apparently Bob cats have been seen at Grayhawk along with Arizona wild pigs (javelinas)scorpions or even a gila monsters (lizards) Apart from the natural hazards, which I did not see any !!! are the ones we golfers put ourselves in….. 20 ft cactus! I was the ultimate tourist snapping away but this took my mind off the narrow lush fairways.

Unfortunately I paid the price missing the narrow slithers of fairways meandering through the desert,  so try using a 3 wood to keep the ball in play and keep away from the Seguana Cactus, which seem to jump out at every opportunity. Remember you need to identify your golf ball to take the one shot penalty rule or treat the ball as lost…If you do stray from the fairways be careful not to tread on any loose cactus spines, I am sure I still have one in my foot. ouch!


The courses are generally closed for two weeks during October  for over seeding ready for the cooler temperatures over the winter so pick your time to visit carefully!!

The greens are very undulating and firm so try using a  softer golf ball as the altitude increases the ball will fly further so distance is an added bonus. A day of golf in the desert is not complete without the wilderness Arizona sunset.. but be quick it disappears as quickly as your Pro V 1 golf balls.

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