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Chipping drill

It has been a busy few months which will unfortunately feel like a very short Summer however the number of players who are seeking short game coaching in particular chipping has increased dramatically.

I am passionate about improving my clients game but more importantly providing something which they can take to the course seeing the improvements immediately.

I see one of the most problematic areas is the strike of the chip shot, if this is inconsistent then the distance control will be very awkward to achieve.

There is a understanding within some recreational golfers to play a chip shot or the finesse shot as James Sieckman refers, the stroke must be rigid with no wrist action or like a putting stroke.

I struggle to see how the “finesse” element of this shot can be achieved with a stroke which produces little or no wrist hinge, notice I write little as the idea of the chip is not to produce power but finesse. This  “rigid”stroke can be limiting when playing from certain ground conditions.

I like to use a number of external cues when coaching so if you are struggling with your short game noticing inconsistencies with the roll of the ball  try to visualise the following.

Imagine the grip end or butt end of the club and the clubhead are racing from the downswing…. yes racing…. yet neither in particular wants to win!! My thought is to just simply allow the very heavy clubhead to start the downswing passing over the finishing line at the same time as the grip end as shown below.

Clubhead and butt end “feel” together

This action reduces the large amount of destructive forward shaft lean towards the target. The feeling of swinging the ” heavy club” helps to produce flair and feel for the chip shot.

Too Much shaft lean

There are naturally a number of other areas which need to be present, however this will allow you to “release” the clubhead as opposed to being left behind at the starting line.

Chip with confidence and increase the number of up and downs!