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Sarah Bennett

Custom fitting golf clubs

It is amazing with the advancements in technology over the past few years within the golf industry many golfers are still unaware of the custom fitting golf clubs service. It is a highly specialised business with fine lines which is on offer by PGA Professionals who possess the finely tuned equipment to carry out this service.

Custom Fitting Golf Clubs

When I started golf many years ago! custom fitting golf clubs was totally unheard of there were just pretty much three shaft choices Ladies & Men’s Regular in both graphite or steel and stiff flex in graphite or steel. I would not want to guess how many various shafts are available today but I know it is in excess of 900 from the shaft manufactures all offering a variety of benefits and playability options which is slightly overwhelming.

As a golf coach, I believe custom fitting golf clubs is an integral part of the game, it is important to ensure the equipment my clients are using are suitable. A number of components such as body shape, physical limitations and current or on going injuries. I have seen clients who have unfortunately been provided with sets which are really not assisting their game or longevity of their golf. I offer a full regripping service and even then I see many players’ who notice an immediate difference with a new style and size of grip.

for the new GolfingGirl who may just be starting their journey this is equally as important, ladies clubs are significantly different to men’s even if the length has been reduced this can effect the overall balance and shaft playability.

All companies offer a custom fit service with varying fitting fees but you know you will be provided with the during and after sales service.

Two of my GolfingGirls spoke to me and I suggested  it was time to look at a new set, I accompanied the players to a colleague who I knew supplied the specific heads and has built up a very good custom fit reputation.

If you have attended a custom fitting golf clubs session you will know it takes time with a multitude of combinations to source the club which works for you.

Custom Fitting Results

Both of the clients, one who is a single figure handicap and the other lady who is a member of her clubs bronze team both saw the differences of their shot dispersion,  increased carry distances,( approximately 8 yards)and general playability of the club with regards to club head feel and weight. The fitting now combined with the technical and short game work I am carrying out has provided each player with additional confidence to reach their goals.

Now, it was my turn… I had been looking forward to this day for a while as due to hand surgery and focusing upon my Coaching career felt I required an upgraded set of  clubs which would “assist” me with my quest to play in some PGA East Regional Events during 2016 with my clients.


Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett Golf

After hitting some 50 balls trying various combinations, Luke even tried a new technique to reduce the swing weight of the club, which was a first! I did say I was fussy!! the data pointed to the fact my current set were suitable for me at this time with the changes insignificant. I was clearly disappointed..no new set of shiny clubs for the year, just some gym and technical work for another mid year fitting.

The moral of this journal is every player is different with no two fits the same. I have the upmost respect and confidence in the custom fitter and colleague Luke Eggleston as he did not try to sell me a set of irons promising game improvement! My two clients could not stop smiling as we all departed as three happy GolfingGirls but I did treat myself to two new Mizuno wedges! so watch out 2016 Luke, my GolfingGirls are after a victory with their new Mizuno irons…