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Explanar in Essex

Well, the day finally arrived.. I was able to say I am a proud owner of an Explanar in Essex! It was a lovely day and a real pleasure to welcome  long life friend Luther Blacklock Master Professional and Head Professional at one of my all time favourite venues… Woburn. I have many fond memories of threading the ball through the winding trees both on the Dukes and Duchess courses. I turned Professional soon after winning the Moira Smyth Salver for the low Amateur at the Women’s British Open in 1990 and played many Opens there. I was priviledged to play the Marquess course very recently which will be the venue of the Men’s European Tour British Masters in October.

As a Coach and player the beauty of this game is the long life learning which occurs and it is this which keeps us coming back for more! I believe one key to successful coaching is imparting information in a variety of ways which the client can relate to and convert to results on their own. This was very evident yesterday with the use of the Explanar.


The morning was attended by six golfers who were each asked to hit balls prior to using the Explanar, no instruction was given at this stage. The longer “roller” indicating a 6 iron length  was utilised within the Explanar which was set into the correct position relative to the player’s postural position and height. The player then simply moved the roller around the “circle” paying close attention to the shoulder and wrist movements both on the back swing and follow through, which for many was a completely different sensation.

A few balls were hit afterwards intermittently moving back to the Explanar concentrating solely on the movement, with tremendous results. The importance of a sound posture coupled with grip really assists with the progress to produce additional power which diminishes as we age. The training aid does not take away the necessity to possess and display sound basics, the closer these are to “neutral” generally the more effective.

The feedback was tremendous with all players striking the ball more soundly in a very short space of time, as a result those attending golfers can use the Explanar for a practice session over the coming months.

If you would like to experience the new Explanar in Essex please do not hesitate to give me a call or e mail to find out more.