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Get into Golf with Sarah Bennett

Get into Golf with Sarah Bennett

Three years ago a friend of mine said to me,  “ How about trying golf?  There’s a free ladies golf taster day taking place at the ‘Three Rivers Golf Club ( Cold Norton, Essex ) with Sarah Bennett, that could be fun.”  It was a suggestion aimed at lifting me from the gloom of a difficult situation in life.  We were trying to come up with ways of having fun and I wasn’t coming up with much!

Golf?  My mind wandered to failed attempts at putting balls through windmill sails and various other obstacles on crazy golf courses. I wasn’t sure that golf and I were a match made in heaven.  In the event, I actually attended the day and my friend didn’t.  Something like, “Oh well, I’ve nothing better to do.”, pushed me through the doors of the golf club and into a whole new world!

That day spent with Sarah Bennett PGA Head Professional and former Ladies European Tour player, a group of strangers and some interesting things called seven irons has changed my life in a way that I could never have anticipated.  Previously, I had avidly watched the ‘Ryder Cup’ and other major tournaments on T.V., but it was a sport that I had never considered playing.

Perhaps it’s an age thing, I am now 54 and it had always seemed to me that golf was a mysterious world that men inhabited – I’m sure that some of them wish it remained that way!

However, during the last three years, I have attended group lessons taken by Sarah, ventured out onto the course, attended some of Sarah’s Bennett’s birdies fun ladies golf days and gradually posted a score for my fist 18 holes that a batsman would be proud of!

Getting out in all weathers (!), I have had something to focus on that has given me a balance to my life, when everything else in it was on shifting sands.  There is something amazing about striking the ball well (for once!) and watching it sail through the air, something wonderful in the laughter with new found friends when your ball falls pitifully back into a bunker and something strangely satisfying in rolling up to the clubhouse, soaked, with the prospect of a hot drink, a sandwich and the camaraderie of those friends to share it with!

One of my first games with Sarah Bennett Golf


I have heard that someone famous once said that, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”  I’m not famous (no really, I’m not!) but I would like to put it like this:

G – great for meeting new people, making wonderful friendships

O  – outdoor sport which can benefit your physical and mental well-being

L – learning many new skills, which can be frustrating and brilliant rolled into one.

F – FUN for everyone! Men, women, children, young or old

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For me, golf has been a wonderful gift to my life so far.  I am learning more about myself, as I learn more about how to play.  Sarah’s patient instruction has inspired me with more confidence in my ability to do new things, I have made some fantastic new friends and these days, as the festive season approaches, rather than ‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’, I’m dreaming of a new driver!

This “from the heart” blog from one of my Get into Golf Ladies just shows the transformation golf can bring, just having the courage to take the first step……why not have a go?

What have you got to lose….but everything to gain
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