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Golfing Girl is Club Champion

Sarah Bennett Getting Ladies into Golf

Three years ago Gill thought “it is about time that I joined my family and try this game called golf” She was frustrated at  listening to the stories and not being able to contribute to conversations about the super views, being outside in the fantastic Summer weather not to mention the opportunities to travel abroad.

Gill found out about an Introduction to Golf with Golfing Girl that was being delivered and organised by Sarah Bennett PGA Head Teaching Professional at Three Rivers Golf & Country Club. The timing and date was perfect being at a weekend accommodated Gill’s full time working schedule being held towards the end of the day meant she could complete some of the Saturday morning chores!

Sarah has been organising Ladies Golf group sessions very successfully now for 4 years and has introduced in the region of 200 ladies over this duration, with a very high retention rate both to the game and membership. This session three years ago was no exception with 9 ladies attending one of Sarah’s group lessons. Sarah Bennett launched GolfingGirl soon after and there is a dedicated website solely for ladies who wish to learn more about the game; this is in conjunction with her Sarah Bennett golf website.

“Gill spends time on her fitness outside of golf which can assist greatly with certain movements within the golf swing and straight away found the game gave her the buzz she was looking for. She felt she could really grow her confidence and knowledge with Sarah’s Professional assistance. Gill had the support from her family and could combine the Professional input received from Sarah with her general questions targeted at her husband in between sessions.

“The ladies golf sessions that Sarah delivered were fun, interactive and light-hearted which allowed for the perfect learning environment, the fact that Sarah has introduced so many ladies to the game really assisted with my motivation. I was able to meet the same ladies each week with the follow-on sessions and I still play with at least two of the ladies on a regular basis, I still attend many of Sarah’s initiatives in particular “Bennett’s birdies” and would love to join her on one of her coaching weekends either in the UK or abroad”.

Three Rivers Golf & Country Club has the added benefit of two courses a par 64 which is absolutely ideal for a variety of reasons and perfect for juniors and  those new to golf with the opportunity to progress to the Kings course.

Gill did exactly this and spent 1 year playing on the Jubilee where she attended many of Sarah’s ladies activities which have been instrumental in her progression, she has also received regular individual lessons with very specific goals which she has set with Sarah.

Her recent upgrade membership on the Kings course has enabled Sarah to introduce a number of additional more advanced shots and focus upon course management, we already have a winter plan in place ready for 2015!

Gills victory today was fantastic and a real boost for those who are thinking of playing golf, her game has become more consistent and she does not become anxious when she hits a mis timed shot.   Gill warns that golf is not an easy game which does require perseverance, patience and practice. Sarah would set pitching and chipping practice drills and skills that Gill would complete during her lunch hour in the grassed area at work!


Club Championship

Todays Club Championship victory is a real stepping stone with Gill’s next short-term target being victorious in the final of the Summer knockout which is to be played in a few weeks time. Whatever the result Gill has experienced a fantastic transition in a very short space of time and is always looking to improve her game.

Sarah says “Gill is a pleasure to work with and she combines the enjoyment of golf with a competitive element which allows us to work and raise the bar, but every lesson we always end up having a chat and giggle which at the end of the day is what golf is all about.