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Golfing goals

Firstly I would like to wish you all a super year ahead both on and off the course, we all lead such busy lives we need to remember to make time for ourselves and if golf features within “your own time” let’s make it count in 2018.

The word “Golfing Goals” may sound a little too advanced to many, with you perhaps thinking “This is for Elite players or Professionals” this is where the terminology can be misunderstood.

For many Golfing Girls who joined me mid-way through 2017 their goal was simply “To take up a new sport” or “To meet new friends” this is an example of an absolute goal. The important layer beneath this is how you go about taking that step to fulfil your ambition.

It is so important to base your goals around your own lifestyle and motivations of which everyone is different, even if you play golf once a week small goals can be set based around that commitment level.

Unfortunately there are no short cuts to golf game improvement but the major key is to accept your time input is realistic to the progress you are able to achieve. The time management of golf improvement is something I look at with new and existing clients which again can be structured around a weekly visit to the golf course.

This type of scenario can be related to a physiotherapist appointment, if we don’t continue with our prescribed exercises the condition is not likely to improve as rapidly or be maintained.

The other major area to consider when setting your goals is not to “overload” on goal setting or resolutions which will certainly not be adhered to if we have pages of A4 print! Just select 3 goals which you are comfortable working towards and achieving within a realistic time phase.


Resolutions Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

This will be the most used word tomorrow “New Years Resolutions”

There is nothing more satisfying than crossing your achievements off the list and re-assessing with another 3 targets to complete by a specific period. If you feel one target has not been attained then think about the changes which can be implemented to satisfy your goal.

As a former player and now full-time Golf Coach, I set targets which involve a balance between my Professional development and “time out”. One major achievement for me was to play in a few events one in particular was three consecutive rounds which I had not been physically able since 2005.

This has motivated me to practice and work on my game to maybe find the W… so watch this space for Pro-am opportunities.

I have decided to play badminton during the winter evenings something I used to participate on a regular basis so with racket in hand will join a beginners session! we all start somewhere.

I would like to wish you all the best for 2018 and here is to great golfing memories, spending time with existing and new friends.

I look forward to seeing you on the course, Spring is just round the corner!