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Grip with Confidence

Grip with Confidence

The past few weeks have been a busy time for club re gripping, probably due to the warm weather the grips effectiveness can be pronounced if already “slick”. Every time I receive a set of clubs I ask a series of questions to narrow down and ascertain the specific grip styles to offer my customer which ultimately comes down to the clients choice regarding comfort and feel but guidance is required initially.

I have used Golf Pride grips for the past 25 years both as a former Tour player and now continue to offer the number 1 grip on the PGA tour to my clients. As a regular visitor to the PGA Golf show in Orlando it is the perfect opportunity to view the new products ahead of time offering my customers the up to date models and information.

The three main areas that I focus upon when carrying out a grip fitting are the following:

1. Hand size and finger length
2. Accounting for hand complaints such as arthritis
3. Preference of a firm or soft grip (moisture, vibration considerations)

One new client was using a Golf Pride Multi compound on her driver and commented that her hands were feeling very sore after 18 holes.  I would personally offer these top quality grips to players who prefer a much firmer feel and do not wear a glove, the half cord hybrid grip certainly assists in wet conditions, the weight of the grip can also affect the swing weight of a club and feel which must be relayed to the customer. I was able to recommend and fit the Golf Pride Tour wrap undersize grip which were the ideal size and fitted the requirements of a softer and tacky grip which she loved!

Tour Wrap

Golf Pride Multi Compound

I fitted the new Golf Pride CP2 Pros on my clubs due to a hand complaint and can’t believe the difference it has made to the overall comfort combined with the parallel feel really enjoy using this new model. As a result I will be offering these to my customers who have arthritis with the added benefit of Mid size and Jumbo models.

Golf Pride CP2 Pros ” A hot grip

When you have your next golf lesson it is worth asking your PGA Professional if you require new grips and seek their Professional advice as to the size and composition.

More importantly, don’t leave it too long as Golf Pride say
“If it’s raining or snowing would you drive with bald or slick tyres?” You should not play golf with slick or worn grips either!

Prolong your grips life by washing them in soapy water and scrubbing to remove the natural oils we transfer from our hands.

Take care of your Grips and “grip with confidence”
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