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How do I start playing golf


How do I start playing golf

For golfer’s who have been involved within the sport for a number of years, it can be difficult to recall the hurdles and barriers which we faced but it is an uncertain and daunting experience to take that first step to learn any new sport.

So just How do I start playing golf? I aim to give you an in sight which I hope you will enjoy reading.

With the Country wide push to promote golf as an active, sociable, healthy (both mentally and physically) enjoyable game the emphasis is even greater on the finite details. I have held numerous getintogolf ladies, men’s and junior sessions over the past 7 years with a high conversion rate of players continuing the sport within the surrounding areas of Chelmsford in Essex.

One important factor in my belief is to have a very specific transitional step, some people have different agendas for playing the game which can be team building, events or just simply a challenge which they can enjoy. It is this which experienced Coaches can appreciate very early on, this can be a challenge within a group environment however there are ways to include everyone which makes coaching unique, sometimes the best laid plans requires flexibility and swift adjustment.

I have compiled a few pointers to everyone which can answer the “How do I start playing golf” question.

  • One of the first considerations is the venue and what exactly they have to offer as a Club, you have to feel comfortable and looked after fitting in with the facilities on offer. There are a number of PGA Professionals on hand to offer coaching, some specialising in specific areas such as retailing, club fitting or solely coaching. Ask to meet with the Professional and ask about their on-going qualifications and philosophies, it is vital you select the right Professional for YOU. It is important before you attend your meeting both parties are honest with each other providing an in sight of their key goals as the investment of maximizing the time spent is critical.


  • What do I wear? Gone are the days of very strict dress codes within the club surrounds which will include your practice ground. The majority of clubs still enforce “playing codes” such as no jeans or round- necked t shirts but again this will be discussed at your initial session. Anything comfortable goes during your lessons which includes trainers or similar and loose clothing. It is best to layer up when starting golf during the winter months but you should be taken through a warm up which will certainly see the layers reduce but remember to pop the jacket on after the session.

GolfingGirl with Sarah Bennett

GolfingGirl Fun


  • Do I have to spend money on a set of clubs? There are numerous options regarding the eventual purchase of equipment, but for the series of lessons most Professionals will supply these within the package. I like to advise the parents of my junior golfers to purchase 2 or 3 clubs, I believe this helps to promote their creativity, so why should this be any different with adults? It is not necessary to spend out on a complete new set in the first instance. The most important aspect is to ensure the club suits you in terms of length, design, weight and grip size. There maybe a charge for range balls for the series of lessons or this could be included within the package price.
  • Learn a few of the basic rules and etiquette which includes safety points for everyone. “Fore” everyone cover their heads.. Do not rush out to attend the local Rules evening after session no 1!  I have a number of formats and playing skills when on the course where the rules would certainly not be applicable.
  • I would be concerned if your lessons were solely on the range covering one aspect, golf is a dynamic and skillful game at the end of the day there are a multitude of shots to learn from various positions so the lesson should reflect this over the weeks. At the end of the day we want to play the game not spend all our time practicing so my aim is to introduce the course to the new golfers as soon as possible.

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Playing as soon as possible

  • Group lessons are a great starting point but there is time to move on to develop your own “trademark” to individual lessons. It can be easy to listen to advice from fellow golfers when you are learning golf and give it a try…Please have faith in your Golf Coach or ask questions if you are struggling with the piece of information. “Golf is not a cosmetic game, everyone moves differently so how can we be expected to swing the same way SBG.  One of the games most respected Instructors passed away recently of which I was honoured to meet he summed this up beautifully in probably the most well known quote amongst Coaches.  It was Mr John Jacobs OBE who changed the face of coaching, his golfing excellence will certainly live on. This is his most famous quote which is the holy grail certainly of the Plane Truth Golf which I am proud to say I am associated as one of their qualified Instructors.
Mr John Jacobs OBE

What a cherished memory

Just think about this quote and get out and enjoy your golf with your friends



“The sole purpose of the golf swing is to create a correct impact, the method employed is of no significance as long as it is repetitive”  Mr John Jacobs OBE