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How Golf Inspires

The past week has been a complete inspiration for myself and for the game of golf which never ceases to amaze me after 25 years of involvement within the industry.

My direction has changed completely since 2005 when I had to stop competing on the Ladies European Tour due to a serious balance disorder, however 5 years of rehabilitation with the determination and passion that this game provides enabled me to set a series of  new goals which were not applicable prior to 2005. I am a believer of fate and this “road block” enabled me to progress with a positive change of direction to my now passion of coaching.

Coaching is just not providing clients for 30 minutes with the tools to correct a swing fault, for me the confidence building, support and mentorship are just two of many vital areas I focus upon with my clients.

My role as a PGA coach has lead me to meeting some amazing and inspirational people of which I am proud and honoured to be associated. I can now see first hand the joys and elation  golf, often perceived as a singular sport can bring.

I have been coaching service personnel for the past 3 years coaching in a group and an individual basis. This had lead me into my voluntary work for Help for Heroes which included assisting with the Hero Ride 2014 last week which was one of the most amazing experiences to date. I would dearly love to join the chaps next year.. gym work here we come! This photo as I am sure you will agree will go down as one of my most memorable.I did not mean the cake!! I baked this in conjunction with the hero cake sale which I attended on the day and had great pleasure in learning from the residents.

Hero Ride “First sight”

My low fat cake…for the Recovery centre which raised some funds

I attended the Chelsea flower show a few weeks ago which the Help for Heroes garden “Hope on the Horizon”  showcased and was voted the peoples choice number one garden. It was spectacular and is being be transported to the recovery centre as part of an on going rehabilitation process. The designer Matt Keightley whose foresight of the project was incredible. Matt spent the time with me explaining the project and the various steps along with the significance of the garden.

Hope on the Horizon 2014

These few activities have only been made possible by the wonderful game of golf and the people I have met. I have a number of forthcoming projects and a charity fundraising day for Canine partners who are supported by the Help for Heroes charity so I am looking forward to an “inspirational” year
of golf on and off the course.
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