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How high do you tee your golf ball

How high do you tee your golf ball

The driver is one of the hardest clubs for the majority of recreational golfers to hit consistently, however with the on-going advancements in technology trust me it is much easier now than using persimmon woods!

So how high do you tee your golf ball, there are so many different heights of tees and compositions on the market it can be bewildering to make the correct decision.

As an instructor I appreciate there is no set blueprint, instead working with the player in front of me matching their dominant swing characteristic to the most appropriate tee height.

Swing Style

I personally tee half of the ball above the crown of the driver (top leading edge) as my swing is a more “sweepy” style swing. I am able to strike the ball on the upswing with this action often lending itself to a favoured driver of the ball.

The beauty of golf is we can experiment so try teeing the ball different heights taking note if this affects your shot shape. I personally feel a ball which is teed higher enables me to swing more up and towards the right of the intended target. This direction potentially delivers the club more from the inside assisting with a right to left shaped shot.

This path direction generally for the recreational golfer optimises delivery achieving the combination of a higher launch angle and lower spin rate equating to increased distance.

Be your own coach

A really cost effective way to check which tee height best suits your game is to purchase a can of dry shampoo or Dr Scholls foot spray.

The idea is to spray a light covering on the clubface noting where the dimple impact marks appear after each drive. This is a really useful exercise providing immediate feedback. We are looking for central marks just above the sweet spot favouring the upper part of the clubface.

I often use a very high teed ball as a drill to assist players whose downswing is very steep, remember if you fall into this category teeing up the ball lower is essential assist until you book that golf lesson!

Be quick with the return to golf spaces are filling up but I wish you all a really happy return to golf and wonderful Easter however you eat yours!