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How to hold a golf club with correct pressure points

I find one common misconception when coaching the “hold” of a golf club to a new or more established player is the pressure applied to the handle. This article will guide you how to hold a golf club with the correct pressure points.

These points can be adjusted to suit a number of player’s with any physical limitations or hand ailments.

Let’s face it golf is a game of degrees, trying to propel the ball to a target some yards away with hazards and external obstacles in between is a life long skill and one every player is seeking to master.

This is not a psychology article so let’s just focus on reducing tension through our hands and fingers. It is clear to see when a player is holding too much tension through their “swing” radiating through their arms and into their shoulders. This tension generally has an adverse effect on our ability to control and work the club face.

So, here are the specific “pressure point” areas of the hold regardless as to the type you decide to employ which will assist with a free-flowing movement and swing.

The information is based for a right-handed golfer:

  1. The Last three fingers of the left hand, incidentally this pressure point will give you a clue if the hold is too much in the lifeline of your left hand you will feel it in the palm and finger tips (another blog!)


  1. The “Question mark” as I call it. I like the right index finger to sit below the right thumb if possible for support of the club at the top of the backswing.


  1. The heel pad of the right thumb just nestling on top of the left thumb as indicated by the small red sticker. This positioning assists the player to achieve a neutral grip.

Pressure Point location on left thumb

There are a number of drills I can provide to assist you to re-create the above but if you finish a round of golf or even feel during the round your hands and fingers are aching you are certainly getting a GRIP instead of a HOLD. Golf is not supposed to be a white knuckle ride but a gentle relaxing game with friends.

Enjoy your round of golf with reduced PRESSURE