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How to keep calm on the golf course

How to Keep Calm on the Golf Course

How to keep calm on the golf course? This is a question I am asked numerous times so I thought I would just provide a few areas which everyone can revisit. The interesting fact here is nothing will come as a surprise to you or be new information but how you “action” and approach each situation I do hope will assist.

Firstly there is no magic wand, secret fairy dust or special golf balls you can buy to help keep calm on the course. A few simple thought processes and tasks requiring discipline to implement can assist. As we all know there are no short cuts to improvements within golf.

Why we play golf?

We must never loose sight of the reasons why we started this beloved game of golf and what our realistic objectives are. These points will obviously vary from golfer to golfer which are very individualistic. It is very often too easy to compare ourselves to other golfers which is sometimes an issue we overlook and are unaware.

The photograph of the golf balls is quite ironic with two contrasting statements which is very much an outcome goal such as under par golf balls these words potentially have the impact to increase pressure.

Set a realistic goal

I would like everyone to set a realistic goal each round not necessarily an outcome goal.

One overused outcome goal in my opinion is “To play to my handicap”. The round can suddenly become predominantly score focused. The pressure applied can easily become compounded as the round progresses, especially if the first few holes are undesirable.

At this point some interesting physiological changes may occur such as increased body tension, quickened breathing leading to lack of clarity in decision making. These changes can snowball primarily focusing solely upon technical swing thoughts for example to reduce the slice.

Instead of continuously battling with the offending driver, try dropping down to a club with additional loft. This may be easier to keep the ball in play. This action provides additional confidence and calmness.

An alternative to the outcome goal example is a process goal such as ” Try to hit a specific number of fairways” this can be achieved within your contingency plan which is an added benefit.






Hitting the fairways

Keep Calm, composed and Content

Here are a few additional points to help avoid stressful moments to help to remain calm and composed on the golf course

  1. Arrive prepared and in good time
  2. Organise your golf bag the previous evening
  3. Manage your Expectations and play within your capabilities
  4. As soon as the club is in the bag focus on something
  5. Don’t try to make up for a bad shot or hole we all know this can compound the situation
  6. Acceptance is key
  7. Stay hydrated and well nourished
  8. Inhalation and exhalation is a great “tension reliever” it’s incredible how much tension we all carry.

Don’t forget to smile.. for starters we play golf for enjoyment for ourselves with the prefect opportunity to spend recreational time with friends and family.

A big smile can do the world of good for your golf and for the photos!