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How to pack your golf bag travel cover

After a tough few years for the travel industry and numerous cancelled golf trips, the season will begin in full swing very soon. I thought this journal of How to pack your golf bag travel cover maybe useful.  We all want our travel to be as smooth as the first swing we make on the first tee this year in the sunshine we are dreaming. Travelling and playing golf abroad for many maybe a new and daunting experience so I hope this short article helps.

As we are aware airlines are tight on the weight restrictions so firstly make sure your “sports equipment” is within the categorised weight allowance. So here are Sarah’s top tips to start your golf school or holiday without any glitches.

Golf Bag

  1. Don’t be tempted to take your best cart bag… this will add huge amount of weight and can be awkward to transport from bag storage or hotel room to the course. These can weigh up to 15kg with clubs inside we don’t need any back issues before we start. If you don’t own a light weight carry bag pop out and purchase a double strap carry bag which will be absolutely ideal if you can find a waterproof one all the better.
  2. Once we have our golf bag we need to find a suitable travel cover (not golf equipment insurance)  There are so many on the market which I am sure I have tested most over the years but again here are some key points which I recommend. I personally would opt for a strong fabric cover with an outside or inside compartment this will be much lighter than the harder plastic variety, excess baggage here we come. The wheels are important however some covers have a reinforced lower portion to protect clubs and a padded top so look out for these extras. I have a cover for long haul and shorter flights but remember to remove the outside straps and lock the bag.










Remember to check your golf bag removing any food and bottles of  water which may have been accumulated, if you have room take a chili bottle and refill as necessary. If travelling to Australia your clubs will need to be spotless so disinfect it is advisable to take new shoes to avoid any possible fines or delays at customs relating to “soil” attachments.


  1. Once we have the bag let’s think about our equipment do we really need all our clubs? we are infatuated by the weather so if we do not require our umbrella for rain or the heat leave it at home. Take a small handbag one if the hotel is away from the local restaurants and nightlife! If buggies are being used the umbrella is very often more trouble.
  2.  If we do need to take our range finders wrap them in a towel placing in a side pocket with any lightweight waterproofs. for maximum protection.
  3. Take enough golf balls but too many can add to the weighty bag but resort prices can be high so sensible judgement.
  4. Place a mix of Golf Gloves for any rain and your leather of all weather gloves in a zip lock bag to keep them together and dry.
  5. Sunscreen and other medical items can be placed in another zip lock with a handful of tees in another.

    Golf Shoes

    I always take the lightest pair possible with soft spikes as most clubs now allow soft spikes in the clubhouse but don’t fall into the trap and take a brand new pair for short trips which have never been worn or take a blister kit. The shoes can be packed in the outer pocket and stuffed with a few pairs of socks etc. I also pack shoes in a bag within the rain hood section covering the club heads.

Protecting your Clubs

The one piece of equipment I never travel without is my Club Glove “Stiff Arm” it simply acts as an umbrella over the woods so if the bag is tipped upside down it simply lessens the impact. A broom handle carries out a similar role but the stiff arms are inexpensive and can save you hundreds of pounds should something happen.







Club Glove “Stiff Arm”

If you have an interchangeable driver it’s worth removing the head and wrapping in bubble wrap and a towel placing in the side zips to limit any possible damage.

Lastly, if you do not have any Travel Equipment Cover now is the time to cover any potential mishaps. I have used Golf Plan Insurance for 20 years now so if you need any assistance please let me know.

I have been travelling for 30 years now with my clubs so please let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoyed the read and can now travel with confidence.

Happy Travelling means Happy Golfing, I wish you all a lovely trip.