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Indoor Putting Drill

Putting is a key part of the golf game so here is an indoor putting drill which I would like to share with you. This drill can be used both on the putting green and in the comfort of your home.

I held a successful putting clinic last week which prompted me to write this article relating to stability during the putting stroke. This is an area which is very often overlooked while the assumption of many players it is the path which the putter takes is the most important area to concentrate upon which is not the case.

The margin of error when we are faced with shorter putts is very small with precision the key, I believe the more stable we are during the stroke with minimal body movement will only be beneficial to our putting.

Here is a drill which Dr Paul Hurrion (Biomechanical expert) advocates to assist with your stability and balance. In my opinion training aids should be transferable and cost-effective with instant feedback which this drill certainly achieves.

Simply roll a hand towel nice and tightly taking your usual putting posture standing on the towel. Try engaging your core muscles whilst balancing maintaining your weight on the balls of your feet. The goal should be not to tip forwards or backwards during the putting stroke keeping as still as possible.


Hit 10 putts standing on the towel keeping nice and steady then putt without the towel which incidentally will feel as if you are still engaging your core and thigh muscles. This is the feeling we are trying to replicate during the stroke.

There should be no forwards/ backwards or lateral movement during the putting stroke, with the help of the drill this will assist to produce a square club face at impact which is the most important focal point.

Give this a try!  it is not as easy as it looks but you will feel more stable and balanced over the ball which will only help our golf.

I would love to hear how you get on