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Indoor Putting tip

With the winter now officially here, it is the time for me to provide you with a very useful indoor putting tip. I find this a very versatile tip as with many people now owning a smart phone it is easy to access and is FREE which was not thought of 10 years ago!

This concept can be used with any level of player from a new golfer to the more established golfer with the advantage… you can now practice your new putting tip indoors now so no more excuses!

To become a consistently good putter there are many elements which need to be understood a few of which I have listed

  • Aim
  • Tempo
  • Speed
  • Green reading
  • Stroke direction

Indoor Putting Tip

However if we can concentrate solely on trying to achieve a consistent tempo during the stroke this will be extremely beneficial helping with our distance control.  This is where the “Metronome” app can really help with your indoor putting practice whilst keeping warm!




I personally set the Metronome app to 73 but it is important to find your own tempo which will vary from player to player. Once the app has been set listen to the beat for a while, when comfortable take the putter back on one of the beats striking the ball on the returning beat.

If you can set aside a few minutes each evening concentrating on your tempo and rhythm you will be amazed at the difference, hopefully this will enable you to reduce the technical thoughts when playing.

Just before you play a match why not remind yourself of the beat on your phone, but remember you can’t remind yourself on the course under the current rules of golf!

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