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Living through Lockdown

Two months ago who would have envisaged we would be living through “Lockdown” in the UK. We all heard about the crisis in China but with 12 hours flying time separation could not have imagined the worldwide impact this highly contagions would deliver.

During this totally unexpected and hugely unsettling period of Lockdown in our lives I thought I would try to add some key thoughts from my own past experiences and as a Golf Professional. I will include some possible actions which may assist to cope with this surreal situation. After all we have to look forward to those forthcoming days on the golf courses with our chums.

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Reflection is a key component in a high performance athletes world and that of a Coach. The importance of this solitude is something within our fast way of life we undervalue and often omit from our manic rushed daily routines.

As we are aware and have been warned things will “get worse before they improve” if you had said that to me 10 years ago at the start of my coaching career I might have likened it to golf!!

However, with my Plane Truth Golf Association their mantra is “Next ball better” those three words live with me during every session, my goal is for my student is to display in lesson improvements after all they have entrusted me to help.

So, why don’t we try to use this time to not count the hours or days we have been inside our homes but try to make each day better?

At the end of the day write down your “achievement” list however small then set your goals for the following day.

We will and need to get used to this obscure way of life quicker than we realise, whatever our situation we all need a support network just as I aim to give my clients during and after our regular lessons.

My friends and colleagues will know I am living with a severe incurable balance disorder which is exacerbated by stress, fatigue and cold like symptoms. I am slightly nervous to say the least but following the guidelines is all I can do. I feel at ease as my neighbors although I have never met them I know would make the necessary arrangements.

During my initial illness I was “living with a lockdown” the fact I was bedridden for 4 months, yes the fact I was very unwell I didn’t have a choice.

However with no chance to coach for 3 years I was faced with a similar situation. I used the time to “Reflect” I had to cope with the fact I may never play golf again, having played Professionally for 20 years was a huge blow. I sadly had to give up Tour life but had a goal to “kick start” my playing career, on hold until next year but that will give me time to practice hard.

I used the time when unwell to re calibrate neural pathways to my brain so I could stand then walk again in a near normal straight line! I am delighted to say all the hard work has paid off and I managed to develop many positive opportunities.

Sadly many people will loose their lives with this virus, their minds in turmoil, having to cope with unexpected bereavement during this outbreak, possibly restart their careers changing direction. All this will have major impacts on life as we knew it.

But, let’s try to look at rebuilding our minds and thought processes and motivate ourselves as individuals. The knock on effect within the family environment will be unquestionable, it can have a knock on effect either way let’s make the the right way.

I will be delivering weekly on line chats with my clients to discuss all elements of the golf game with specific Q&A’s. Many people may have questions about life on Tour, technical elements and golfing mind. I aim to “connect” with the people who matter most to me to support and motivate you with some simple reflective thoughts. I don’t believe there will be many opportunities, yes to use this time as an opportunity where you will find some quiet mind time. After we all become used to the initial “routine” then we can start to plan, set our goals and targets. If you physically write your targets down rather then in the phone, I personally find they become “real”.

The uncertainty is something which will effect everyone in different ways but as a “Gritty” Golf Professional my road bumps and life experience has certainly equipped me with a mind set to tackle the road ahead setting contingencies before they happen so I have a solution ready. This is a similar action to the preparation of an elite sportsperson.

We will all have our “down days” for sure but also the “pick me up” days. I wish you all a larger percentage of those days as we progress into the weeks ahead.

Look at your hobbies, interests list all those areas which you have wanted to improve or work upon but never had the “chance”

Maybe learn a language…mine will be learning new IT programes to help my business become more efficient.

I enjoy baking so when settled I will become more adventurous…yes I will post some images.

Notice, I did not use the word “Time” I am a strong believer we can all make time for those special people in our lives, offering continued support when required. Those friends and family should not suddenly become be more valued in a crisis or when we need them.

The support and communication network right now is more important than ever so on that note please don’t hesitate to contact me fire some questions on my Facebook page or join me in one of my on line talks.

Take care stay motivated and keep in touch

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain”

Dolly Parton

Sarah Bennett
“The way I see it if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”
Dolly Parton