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My Experience as a New Golfer

My experience as a new golfer

My Experience as a new golfer

“Imagine feeling inspired that your dreams of playing golf in your retirement years can be achieved;  that you haven’t left it too late to learn how to play this game; of being able to meet new life long playing friends with the same interest and to look forward to spending many hours and days playing golf after having held a highly pressured job for so many years. I wanted to share my experience as a new golfer via Sarah Bennett Golf

These are my dreams however I feared I may have left it too late especially after taking myself off to my local golf range, trying to emulate the ease of striking the ball and seeing it fly through the air as my husband manages to do. Sadly I only experienced the disappointment of ‘swishing’ my 7 iron without making contact with the ball at all despite my best efforts. What to do?”.

Golf Coaching gave me confidence

“The answer was plain to see, I needed help!. I made enquiries to Three Rivers Golf and Country Club reaching out to Sarah Bennett, PGA Fellow Professional & Golf Monthly Top 50 UK Coach to seek help.

Sarah is not only giving me expert coaching but has renewed my levels of confidence taking the time to demonstrate drills to master the fundamental and finer techniques of the game. The areas covered including my posture, grip but using my natural movement to develop a swing.

Sarah provides numerous drills and an understanding of what closed and open means but importantly how to self correct. This has cumulated in an extraordinary moment of the upmost delight when I found I could finally carry the ball, with loft, uphill, against the wind towards the target.

I can’t remember the last time I have felt such utter joy and disbelief at what I have accomplished, all achieved under Sarah’s guidance, patience, and coaching expertise”.

My Experience as a New Golfer








“The best feeling ever”

Golfing Girl the best experience

The icing on the cake?  Being introduced to Golfing Girl. A unique opportunity of meeting other ladies whose generosity and support towards me during those timid and early occasions of joining them in Golfing Girl events, has been nothing short of exhilarating”.





I introduced my Saturday Golfing Girl Ladies group lessons 12 years ago which was the first Ladies community in the UK of it’s kind. The special connection and bond between the ladies is truly unique, I am not number orientated but focus upon providing a support network. There are numerous events aimed at everyone within the group should feel comfortable in terms of their experience. My coaching delivery has really identified how to develop and retain Golfing Girls as we know “golf” is more than just “golf”

The Love of Golf

I recall one Golfing Girl who was understandably apprehensive when attending  her first ever golf school abroad, she almost withdrew. Now, golf is her life thriving within her local club where she has held the position of Club Secretary. I am convinced her position will escalate to the prestigious role of Ladies Captain.

Vanessa added “I’m in awe of the appreciation and kindness Sarah and her GolfingGirls  have shown to me as a newbie and can’t wait for the day when I can match their playing skills”.

I know Vanessa will achieve her goal  sooner rather than later with her determination to constantly learn and improve whilst embracing the challenges her new sport offers.

This is a lovely example of the joy golf can bring to everyone, a picture is worth a thousand words. As a Coach, each individual and group session I learn something new. The Client Coach journey is a joint effort with improvement and smiles from both sides the ultimate goal.

Thank you Vanessa for your kind words and for trusting me to assist you with your new found sport, you are a joy to coach and will continue to make huge strides.