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Golfing Girl Olympics golf

Olympic Golf for Golfing Girls

Thankfully we were blessed with a perfect Summer’s day for our Olympic Golf for GolfingGirls Summer Festival which is one of the highlights of our calendar year with an Olympic twist.

I think the whole Olympic Golf  coverage was a huge success with large crowds watching the Men’s event which produced a really heart warming outcome. I am sure there were some who did not agree with the inclusion of golf within the 2016 Rio programme, however the interest based around Rose’s superb win was amazing especially on the social media channels. I would have loved personally to see a “team” style option for the player’s selected adding to the excitement of the occasion.  I sincerely hope the new found interest in golf can be sustained with continued options provided to those new players who would now like to try the sport.

Charley Hull and Catriona Matthew both performed superbly well in the Ladies Event  with Charley finishing 7th a few shots from the bronze medal. Her published written desire was to emulate that of Rose’s gold medal, I can only imagine the experience will spur her on for Tokyo 2020 so don’t be surprised if Charley comes out on top.

It was fantastic that a number of members from GolfingGirl were able to watch and understand their new learnt terminology and golf knowledge. One lady told me exactly why one of the girls mis-hit her chip shot which was a fantastic observation and comment!

The growth of GolfingGirl has been amazing considering the negativity surrounding participation within Women taking up the sport over the past few years. I am of the opinion if you surrounded yourself and become immersed reading the negative press then it makes the whole process much harder and certainly less enjoyable. It has been a challenge but one which now is really demonstrating the worth with the numbers of ladies increasing monthly. The satisfaction is the key driver for me, seeing the sheer delight on the faces of the well struck shot, chip or holed putt and carrying that confidence through to the next session and on the course.

The Ricoh Women's British Open 2016

The Ricoh Women’s British Open 2016

It has been a fantastic month with the Richo Women’s British Open where 15 GolfingGirls attended the Tournament, for many this was the first time visiting an event so was a real eye opener and an experience which all attendees would like to repeat. It was lovely to see some of my clients visit me in the golf village to receive their free 15 minute lesson which was a massive hit with the public.

There has been a natural group make up with games now being arranged externally with the Golfing Girl group lessons a real hit with the forthcoming September session fully booked with October well on the way. This leave a few spaces remaining for the annual Bennett’s birdies event in November.

It is interesting to hear the reasoning behind the ladies plucking up the courage to embark upon their new golfing journey, there is one common trait ” I wanted to try something for ME” many have felt it was the time to start to take the plunge to develop new friendships, fitness and self- esteem. It takes a lot of confidence to walk into a busy clubhouse on a Saturday afternoon to meet a group of ladies whom you think will all be better than you. I can promise you one thing very few ladies will leave a GolfingGirl session without having exchanged numbers and arranging to meet up again before the next group session. I was looking round the clubhouse the other day with many GolfingGirls having progressed to the Kings course from the smaller Jubilee course, a real achievement. I have also received a message from one excited GolfingGirl who has just shot her best ever Nett 63, another who achieved her first major hcp reduction and two ladies who were asked to represent their inter county clubs team.

It was interesting, I was coaching a new client who said his wife has now shown a greater eagerness to learn as he was explaining about our lesson process and how much he benefitted and enjoyed it. The enthusiasm and motivation from striking a shot the way you desire can’t be explained but has to be felt and experienced but he obviously did a sterling job relaying the information.

The Olympic Golfing girls day was a true success with a variety of stations set up to challenge the team spirit and golfing skills.

Sarah Bennett,GolfingGirls,Golf Coaching

The GolfingGirls Diving Competition

These days are now synonymous with the name GolfingGirl each time I ensure I bring plenty of variation for my GolfingGirls. This year the event was extremely close with only 5 points separating 5th position and the eventual winners who will cherish their stunning gold medal!!

Sarah Bennett,GolfingGirl

The gold medal winners