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Playing Golf is Fun

Playing Golf for fun

Golf is a really unique game, it allows everyone who plays to compete on a level “playing field” due to the handicap system, graduated tees and other innovative ideas.  It is the most incredibly sociable game, assuming you  talk to your partners!

The fitness and psychological benefits are under estimated and don’t forget the “feel” good factor and value for money. I don’t know of any other activity that when pro- rata is £2 per hour!!! (twilight rates)

Much has been publicised about participation figures and ways to encourage golfers not only take up the game but to continue with membership via specials along with group coaching which has proved successful.

Ladies Golf

I have personally been heavily involved over the past 4 years delivering various initiatives and holding voluntary roles within  local organisations to achieve this. I have introduced in excess of 200 ladies to the game which is extremely rewarding and will continue to develop this sector of the game in conjunction with the juniors and men.

However, I firmly believe that price is not the biggest single determining factor influencing the commencement and retention of players.

I personally believe that with the wide range of venues available from private members clubs, pay and play and proprietary (amalgamating both) there is the variation available to suit each individual player and budget. The golf industry is ever changing with the  The client is the only one who can make that decision, some based around external factors of which are outside of the Golf Clubs control.

I am the Head Teaching Professional at Three Rivers Golf & Country Club which is fortunate enough to have access to two courses which allows both the new and more experienced player the choice relevant to their standard and requirements. I ensure I offer a very structured coaching pathway which does not just include the technical element of range work. As a TPI L2 Junior Coach I include a series of important elements which were not available when I started the game. Many of these areas can be modified for the adult player who need to leave a session with a big smile on their faces too!

Playing Golf for fun - learn to play in a day

My Goal for every group coaching session

From my clients perspective everyone possesses different agendas as to why they picked up the phone to join my group or attend one of my courses and even more continue to play. It is this information which is my main focal point. It is really important to balance the progression of the golfer ” drip feeding” with the relevant information at the critical stage, not overloading with technical information and ensuring the sessions are interesting and entertaining.

I would encourage any new player to really understand what THEY want to achieve from their new found love of the game and work with a PGA Professional who understands this and can assist them too achieve their goals.

The PGA “Right Coach Right Place Right Time”