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Playing Golf in the rain

Playing Golf in the rain

Living  in the UK playing Golf in the rain is quite a usual occurrence, but a combination of the correct preparation, equipment, knowledge and mindset will certainly make life much easier.

Here are a few tips for making the most of the rainy days on the golf course. Firstly preparation is absolutely key so clear out the unnecessary items in your golf bag to maximize space for essential kit.

 Golf Equipment

  1. I would never be without my zip lock or freezer bags these are ideal to house a number of spare all weather gloves. Don’t put the wet ones back in there!
  2. Remember the most important part of the club is the grip so ask your PGA Professional to check if the grips need changing. Secondly hang a towel through the umbrella spokes for your hands just prior to your shot. I always place a towel on top of the clubheads underneath the bag cover as a last minute “hand dryer”  I will then place a few smaller hand towels in the golf bag itself as a glasses wearer it’s important to keep the glass as clear as possible.
  3. There are a number of waterproof golf bags readily available now but a simple plastic bag cover will suffice but make sure everything is easily accessible to avoid having to remove it to find that all important nutritional bar!
  4. Invest in a pair of winter golf shoes or waterproof boots, check the spikes as “slippery when wet” springs to mind. A firm foundation is never more important when playing golf in the rain.
  5. A pair of MacWet gloves are absolutely amazing and will certainly keep a firm hold on the grip during the severest of downpours.
  6. Hat technology has evolved so a waterproof bobble hat along with a bucket hat or cap are all options.

Playing Expectations

Be mindful of club selections and choice of shot which will change dramatically. Try to focus on hitting the fairways and avoiding bunkers at all costs. A change of game plan is required so managing your expectations is key. The majority of golfers will struggle so don’t make comparisons to the fine Summers day.

Sarah Bennett

Enjoy the challenge, after all I would say this is one reason we play this great game. We will still all meet in the clubhouse afterwards for a coffee in the change of clothing we have packed….

I hope you have found this article useful Sarah Bennett Golf