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Post Shot Routine

This has been winter we would rather forget  but with Spring taking hold we will be spending more time playing putting all our winter work into good use..won’t we!

As a former Ladies European Tour player for over 20 years I believe I have the additional advantage of looking back on particular areas which could have helped me further during my career.

Most golfers will spend approximately 80% of their practice time devoted to their full swing with the technological advancements this has been emphasised especially with indoor facilities such as launch monitors.

However, let’s not forget we actually need to “Learn to play the game” one area which I spend much time coaching and assisting my squads especially during the winter months is to let our Golfing Mind work for us.

I would like to share a few points which I believe will provide you with some instant learnings and change the way you reflect and think.

We have all heard about the pre-shot routine, this will be for an evening get together or another article. However, how about the post shot routine?

If we hit a shot we are not entirely happy with what do we do?


Golfing Girls weighing up their options

If we deal with the shot outcome with frustration and other associated thoughts and actions it is hardly surprising we carry these thoughts to the next shot then subsequently the next hole. This adds up to the one or two destructive holes during the round we often talk about.

So, next time why not follow the following steps? It can’t harm…

  • Firstly, look where your ball has finished, don’t turn away in disgust! With the new rule in place early 2019 we will only have 3 minutes to search for it..
  • Rehearse your swing away from the ball using the one swing thought your PGA Professional has been working on with you. Try using these short few seconds to relax and visualise the feel of the shot you selected to play
  • Please place the club in the bag, which will signify the “end” of that shot I see many golfers walking along swinging the club whilst pulling their trolley. I believe this is holding on to those bad memories
  • Set yourself a clear goal from wherever your ball has ended up and be realistic
  • Commit fully to the shot in hand and enjoy the challenge after all it’s the name of the game

A Determined Golfing Girl

This in itself is the art of acceptance but if we manage our expectations and approach the shot accordingly I am sure this will help your golf. Our Mind is a powerful tool so let’s use it to create those happy feelings and thoughts!

As Hogan famously said “The most important shot in golf is the next one”