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Sarah BennettGolf Putting tip

Putting tip

I have and will be continuing to run a series of short game clinics during the year for both men and ladies, one of the areas I have focused upon is putting. I would like to provide you with a simple putting tip which I hope will assist with your game.

My objective is to simplify the stroke breaking down the barriers suggesting that putting practice is boring and next time it will be better! Unfortunately without change your putting is unlikely to improve on a regular basis.

I really enjoy the group coaching format of the short game as the results are fairly instantaneous with knowledge of what to practice, why and how becoming apparent during the session.

I remember fondly working with the late Harold Swash both during a Trade show and as a player whilst competing on the Ladies European Tour.

Harold was one of the first respected and instrumental putting coaches in the UK assisting Padraig Harrington amongst other European Tour players. He equipped me with some of the key components of the putting stroke some of which I now pass on when coaching my clients.

One question I am generally asked is “Where should my eyes be during the stroke?” many player’s say they focus on the golf ball during the stroke…

I personally would not recommend following the ball with you eyes and therefore your body.  If we focus on the golf ball this can lead to head and lower body movement which increases the likelihood of the putter head rotating producing a closed position at impact which will almost certainly cause a missed putt to the left. One great attribute all great putters possess is stability and balance.

So, next time you are on the putting green try focusing upon a very specific point such as a darker or lighter blade of grass in between the putter head and the golf ball throughout the stroke. I personally find focusing upon something other than the ball removes the technical anxiety and negative thoughts often associated with short putts.

Sarah BennettGolf Putting tip

Focus on a spot in between the ball and putter head

The ground will definitely not move but a golf ball will…Therefore focusing upon a non- moving fixed point minimises body movement which is often a significant factor for those missed short putts where the precision at impact is more exaggerated.

I hope you enjoy practicing this simple putting tip, please let me know how you get on and enjoy walking on the green with renewed confidence.

I have a couple more spaces on my mixed putting groups which can be booked by contacting me directly, don’t miss out on new learning and improved putting performance.