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Cooked Spaghettti to reduce tension in the golf swing

Reducing Tension in the Golf Swing

Reducing Tension in The Golf Swing

Golf is a tricky game at the best of times but reducing tension in the golf swing with a few simple analogies I hope will help you to swing with freedom.

I know reading this subject line is already filling your head with those certain shots and holes when this happens on the golf course. Here are a few of my own personal situations when I know tension can become a “destroyer” when we approach those moments.

  • First Tee nerves
  • Protecting a good score or involved in a tight match
  • A particularly troublesome or demanding shot
  • Final shot into the 18th hole with perceived consequences
  • A key putt

These are just a few of my thoughts which I know you will be able to include your personal experiences to the list. The art is firstly to identify any situations which affect your thought process then it is easier to address these with your PGA Professional.







A demanding Tee shot Antalya Golf Course

Identifying Areas of Tension

The two areas I would like to comment on which may sound obvious are

  • Negative Tension
  • Body Tension

It is a little like the “chicken or the egg scenario” I personally believe negative tension creates bodily tension which then creates a multitude of problems for the golfer. The clearer your intent of how you visualise the shot in hand is a key component to the overall shot outcome. This process is personalised taking into account Pre-Shot routines, preparation and expectation levels.

So try to create a very simple process aiming to declutter your mind, be totally decisive and totally commit to the shot in hand. My saying is “It’s better to be confident than correct” It’s fatal to play a golf shot with the slightest doubt in your mind relating to club selection or intent.. We all know and have experienced what happens next.

Cooked Spaghetti

Do you have coping strategies to reduce tension in the golf swing?







Here are two simple body tension analogies which I hope will assist in helping to reduce the destructive feeling of tension in the golf swing. Firstly we can all visualise and feel the difference between “cooked” and “uncooked” spaghetti. Next time you feel tension give the club a “waggle” feeling as if you have cooked spaghetti arms.

Don’t be a statue over the ball and stand still try to involve a slight movement of trigger to start the swing. The longer we stand over the ball is a golden opportunity for those “negative gremlins” to take hold.

A side ward peek at the target will assist to refocus the mind instead of staring at the golf ball thinking negative thoughts “Last time I hit this out of bounds on this hole”

I will be posting videos relating to this topic as it is subject with many options but maybe just thinking of “Spaghetti not a Statue” will help you swing with freedom with minimal negative thoughts which is a starting point.

Thank you for reading my journal which I hope you enjoyed. I would welcome your feedback with any subject matters I can cover next time.

Enjoy your Golf

Sarah Bennett 

PGA Specialist Coach

Golf Monthly Top 50 UK Coach