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Sarah Bennett’s Top Tips for playing golf in the rain

Sarah Bennett’s Top Tips for playing golf in the rain

Golf is one of a few sports which we are able to play mostly all year round,  this does require a certain degree of commitment and dedication but certainly a great deal of adaptability.

I decided to write this article providing my top tips for playing golf in the rain for obvious reasons!

If we play golf predominantly in UK it will be helpful if we possess a degree of knowledge which can only assist on those rainy days.

The approximate time for a full round of golf should take 3- 3.5 hours so we have to prepare and make necessary equipment additions or changes prior to our game. This simple check list is invaluable to conquer the inclement weather. I hope you find these pointers useful and hope you can implement these next time.

  1. Always check the weather forecast in advance, ensure your umbrella is packed and your holder in working order. The complete mobile “home” so don’t forget to hang a towel from the spokes to wipe your hands and grips prior and after playing your shot. Always use another towel to clean and dry your club head and grip after the shot. I would definitely pack extra towels in the bag to replace when needed.
  2. Make sure your spare all weather gloves are stored in a zip lock bag for extra protection. A leather glove is not ideal for the rain, so consider a pair of synthetic leather rain gloves which are designed to increase their tackiness the wetter they become.
  3. How about treating yourself to a waterproof golf bag? fabric technology is constantly improving so this is a must on your birthday list. The zips are sealed so are completely waterproof. If you don’t have one yet then a great alternative is a plastic rain cover which fits over the bag when on the trolley.
  4. An overlooked pointer is to ensure the spikes on your shoes are not worn so check and change these regularly we need that extra grip in wet conditions.
  5. I always pack a spare jacket in the bag, it is worth spending a little extra on a Gore Tex or similar waterproof suit. The fashion element of golf has really advanced so it can double up as a casual jacket too if you are not a regular golfer.
  6. A baseball cap unless waterproof I find is not sufficient in heavy rain so a bucket hat with a run off will prevent those drips down the back of the neck! If wearing glasses a hat is essential..as one Golfing Girl found out!! 
  7. Wet grass is much harder to hit from so rough avoidance at all costs is key, so think about your on course strategy. The targets from the tee maybe slightly different as the ball will not travel and roll as far which may well suddenly bring hazards into play which in sunnier conditions would not be problematic.
  8. Avoid wet bunkers….if you do happen to find yourself in one a slight adaptation is required. The same objective to get out first time is still key, so in compacted sand try using a pitching wedge or a lob wedge which has less bounce. The key area to remember here is the reduced club loft may mean you alter your exit route depending upon the severity of the bunker face.
  9. Check your golf grips are not “slippery” speak to your PGA Professional for fitting advice for grip composition and style. I am a Golf Pride certified grip fitter and offer a comprehensive range with a quick and efficient turnaround.
  10. My last tip is when you arrive home feeling rather bedraggled remember to open the bag, clean your clubs and shoes and ensure all equipment is ready and dry for your next round. Sit down and relax with a lovely cuppa and a cake….

“There is no such thing as bad weather just bad choice of clothing, but go out and have fun whatever the weather!!