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Straight left arm

Banish the Straight Left arm Myth forever


Tension is a destructive word in golf if we are looking  to achieve a full flowing powerful swing.

We need to understand “We control the clubface, don’t let the club control us”

This starts with the precise amount of pressure placed on the handle at address and during the swing which in effect radiates through our forearms to our shoulders.  I like to use the analogy of “spaghetti” arms feeling like cooked spaghetti not straight from the packet!

If we imagine our “soft cooked spaghetti” arms at address accompanied with a neutral grip we are in a position to maximize our power especially with the driver.

Cooked soft feeling Spaghetti Arms

A fault of many golfers is the display of “arched wrists” and high rigid arms during our set up position. This has a profound effect on the ability to release the club head at the ball more likely manifesting itself in pressurized situations.

The straight left arm (right handed golfers) which we have all heard is supposed to be key…  actually in my opinion this prevents the upper body from achieving a full shoulder turn and very often the ability to set the wrists during the backswing (first image)

The ability to create the soft tension free combination of the arms and wrists acts as a lever which is an additional power source.  When coaching players with shorter backswings or upper torso limitations I look at utilising the arms and wrists to assist their movement patterns.


Left arm(target) straight                           Soft left arm (target arm) full shoulder turn

A flexed left arm (right handed player) in my view is not necessarily a fault for a golfer, this essential characteristic is very often implemented due to player limitations. I personally find this trait very acceptable and playable as opposed to the bolt straight full of tension left arm.

Next time you stand on the teeing ground think about “soft spaghetti” arms and reduce the wrist arch for a tension free swing, helping you to take control of the clubface and swing.

Remember ” We control the clubface, it does not control us” SBGolf Think “soft not straight”