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Solheim Cup experience

Well, what an amazing week with 18 of my current and new clients who decided to watch the best of Women's golf for many their first Solheim Cup experience.  I first visited at St Leon Rot Golf Club 18 months ago with the popularity of golf in Germany and Europe this was always going to be well attended so early preparation was essential which is key to any successful trip.

Despite the huge crowds all week with in excess of 30,000 on the final day the public grandstands were a refreshing addition with a major "quad view" stand accommodating viewing for the 11th,12th,13th and 15th holes, which is unusual to see a quality facility open to the public unless pre booked for a fee. As it turned out many key matches were seen from this vantage point. The golf course with it's natural undulations provided viewing for everyone with no running for the sparse spaces outside the ropes which was refreshing. Read More

Solheim Cup

Ryder Cup victory

Well, what an outstanding three days of Ryder Cup golf, even if you don't play the game I can't imagine how you could not be failed to be moved by the determination, team work, sportsmanship and sheer brilliance of the best golfers in our sport.

It was apparent from day 1 on the first tee that the matches were to be played in the true spirit of the game, the players from both teams removing their hats to wish each other "good luck". Having attended a Ryder Cup and more recently the 2011 Solheim Cup in Killeen Castle the fist tee is the place to be and certainly worth setting that early morning call for, It is the perfect spot where the word "singing" takes on a new meaning! Read More