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Sarah Bennett

This Girl Can Golf

It was wonderful to hear This Girl Can reach its first birthday today so it must fall closely in line with the big “drive” to introduce This Girl Can Golf which I believe is having a positive impact.

Obviously my passion is golf! hence This Girl Can Golf title, so much work across the UK and world has been directed into providing new and exciting opportunities  for Women and Girls to try to enjoy the sport for life.

I personally have been running GolfingGirl for 6 years now which has introduced many ladies to the game. I believe it is equally import to retain their initial spark for their new found sport. I can tell you from a number of years of experience is the real challenge. I have seen GolfingGirl has a proven track record which to my delight is being “mirrored” in various pockets but it does have a unique background which is the success story.

I thought I would write a very light hearted journal this week for those Ladies who are thinking of taking the first step to embark on their 2016 resolution to try golf so they can really feel an association with this girl can golf. I believe this image says it all!

Sarah Bennett

This Girl Can Golf  copyright SBG

This Girl Can Golf

One of the first questions I am asked is generally:

  1. What do I wear? Ok, the odds are quite high to be able to spot a golfer but this can be at the local Supermarket when the glove is still hanging out of the back pocket! not by the “trademarked” diamond sweater. Fashion is a huge part of the industry with far less dress restrictions which is key to attract new player’s initially. Anything goes at the range or generally on the practice ground within reason folk, as long as it is comfortable and allows movement. Many Clubs don’t allow jeans to be worn in the clubhouse or course but your PGA Professional will guide you with their local club rules and regulations.
  2. Do I need to buy sticks? I am not worried what people call “clubs” initially but all equipment should be provided for your group lessons or 1-2-1 coaching. Please do not try to swing your husbands steel shafted irons the chances are they are too long and heavy! A genuine excuse for a “new” set when the time is right instead of the hand me downs. A second- hand set of clubs is a cost- effective way to progress with some tremendous buys available.
  3. Why do I need lessons? I explain to my new clients the options I have on offer listening to their needs then suggesting either a group or a 1-2-1. There are certain clients who do not enjoy the group situation so it is critical for me to find this out early on. I am not there to “teach” but to “Coach” golf is a game played on the course not on the range which I feel is way too overused. Please visit a PGA qualified Professional who continues to learn and strive to offer the very best to the clients.
  4. How far do I need to walk? An average walk round 18 holes on the golf course is 6,000 yards which is about 3.5 miles! but don’t worry a buggy is on hand if you require this due any physical issues. How many other games can you enjoy the benefits golf provides in the open air if you are carrying a lower limb injury?

“I have so many memories of my GolfingGirls but whatever the circumstance every event leave my friends smiling come rain or shine”


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