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Time for Reflection

Another year has come to close and it is a time for reflection. This will inevitably be a mixture of good memories and those which we have had to find inner strength and resolve to deal with both on and off the course.

As a golf coach I am always looking at areas to improve which does not just include the technical element.  Let’s face it golf is not supposed to be easy and we know it is not! Golf holds a special kind of attraction the desire, determination, elation and constant tussle between our inner mind and external factors. How many times have we played 17 holes of golf in which we have already decided to “give up” only to finish with a birdie! You already know the next line…

We all love this game and it brings so many people together who never anticipated they could participate in this amazing sport of which there have been so many memories for me during 2014.

I launched my inaugural Golf Fore recovery event which brought together 16 injured service personnel from all over the country to play for the trophy which I donated. The event was very special and included two athletes who had just been named to participate in the 2014 Invictus games. I was fortunate enough to attend the Opening ceremony which was spectacular and truly inspiring. I have had the pleasure of continuing to coach the Wounded, injured and sick men and women this year, even managing to get hit on the head by a rebounding ball from the nets!

Golf fore recovery 008


I have been a member of the Ladies European Tour for 25 years and was asked once again to become involved with the ISPS Handa coaching for golfers with disabilities day.  This event has players whose disabilities range from partially sighted to single and double leg amputees. A number of the golfers play on a regular basis both in the UK and abroad in National events. The day and the image below really demonstrates just exactly what golf is all about which forms a major belief within my own philosophy. There is no one way or “correct” method to swing a golf club, but vital to find a way for the body to react to any limitations to produce a strike and shot which falls within our expectations.

Coaching at the Buckinghamshire

Coaching at the Buckinghamshire

I love to coach in a group format, with my GolfingGirl group becoming a major platform for ladies and girls in Essex who feel they want to try golf which can be daunting on your own for sure. I experienced this very early on in my career as a 13 year old but it is my passion to change this perception. I feel I offer a unique golfing experience for many ladies, commencing with group sessions including an increased number of follow on activities this year. My primary objective is for ladies to learn golf in a structured and effective way with guidance to progress to the course equipped with knowledge of rules, etiquette and formats of play.

I have been a Professional for 25 years and it is a game that you NEVER stop learning which is why I love it so much, I am always seeking to improve in every department so can you but this will be a gradual and fun journey.


Happy New Year to you all wishing you a successful and fun 2015 on the golf course