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What to consider when buying golf shoes

There is much written about the equipment best suited to our golfing needs but have you thought or know what to consider when buying golf shoes?

I purchase three different style of shoes firstly my Summer coaching shoes followed by my Summer playing shoes then my winter coaching shoes which would be different to my winter playing shoes.

Sarah Bennett Golf Shoes

I also alternate to ensure maximum longevity from a shoe which is a good idea if you play a lot of golf it will be more cost effective in the long run.

Do we purchase our shoes based on price point, fashion, colour or recommendation? Everyone’s foot shape, golfing requirements and taste are very different as you can tell from my requirements above and these below..

Golf is a year-round sport played in a multitude of weathers traversing over approximately 4 miles or more over a variety of ground conditions and contours where balance and lower body stability is a premium. If we play on average 3 rounds a week comfort is critical with sole flexibility and traction with the ground all priority purchase points.

When I started playing golf metal spikes were the only type you could purchase which used to aerate the greens but “tore” the surface of the green if golfer did not pick up their feet! The sound of the metal spikes crunching on the path is certainly in the past but never forgotten.

My all time favourite shoes were the Footjoy Classics, a brand I have worn for over 30 years. I spent time in the States during the early part of my career so having these custom made was the ultimate indulgence. The leather soles which I applied Mars oil to keep the soles in prime condition. I absolutely loved the square toe classics with buckle my all time favourite with craftsmanship like non other.


My all time favourite Footjoy classics

The introduction of relaxed clubhouse rules were gradually bought in which saw the development of soft spikes during the 1980’s adding versatility to the golf shoe eventually leading to the more fashion conscious spikeless athletic style of shoe.

One of the best-known basketball coaches John Wooden famously taught his team to tie their shoelaces properly to avoid any injuries keeping the foot positioned correctly. This may seem extreme but with the choice of either laces or boas (twist laces) it is vital to find a perfect fitting shoe to hold your foot in place during the intricate foot movement during the swing.

I have also learned in my new sport of running laces tied too tightly can cause top foot issues so gait analysis can be completed prior to the purchase of running shoes even suggesting when I purchase a new pair after 600K.

Before we head back to golf take a moment to check your shoes are not too wide which would offer little support of the foot during the complex movement during the swing. As we know leather and materials stretch so look after your feet.

It may be good idea you take a peek in the shed just in case someone has taken fancy to one or both of your favourite pairs, all I can say is they have excellent taste! most definitely the perfect excuse to purchase the new seasons styles.


This does not mean to say the purchase of golf shoes are mandatory for a new golfer starting out as I mentioned they must suit your requirement. As long as footwear possesses decent tread and support which are essential to avoid slippage and injury when on the driving range this will suffice. As soon as we progress tot he course this is the time to treat yourself.

So, next time you are looking for new golf shoes please just be a little more aware of the key points and how your foot is moving inside the shoe, the sole ideally should possess a degree of flexibility rather than feeling like a “plank” of wood

When we Swing into Spring show off your swing in your new stylish shoes!  I can’t wait to wear my new shoes in the Spring.