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Your Golf glove tells a story

Your golf glove will reveal all..

We have all heard of the saying “Your camera never lies” but have you ever thought about the information your golf glove can provide to your PGA Professional

The golf hold is one of the most important aspects of the game and in my view it is essential that the separate components are understood completely. It is vital that regular check ups are made with your golf Professional as many swing faults can be directly attributed towards an inconsistent hold.

A grip change, as you may already be aware is one of the hardest areas to change as it is the only point of contact with the club and even the slightest alteration can feel so uncomfortable and unnatural.

There are a number of elements that I mention to my clients regarding the hold with the following two areas relevant to this article.

  • Positioning of the fingers on the grip
  • Grip pressure

The hold position affects the clubface position during the backswing which can have a knock on effect on THE most important part of the swing which is when the club face strikes the ball.

 Fig 1 Incorrect left hand position 

Fig 2 No wear marks

In Fig 1 the glove shows me immediately the club is being held too much in the palm of the left hand instead of the fingers.

The additional wear marks on the thumb and index finger demonstrate increased pressure combined with friction created during the swing indicating that the thumb is not ideally positioned and the club held too tightly.
Fig 2 shows a leather glove with no wear or friction marks which has been used on a regular basis

Pop out to your golf bag and have a look at your golf glove…. if it looks like the one above keep an eye out for my next blog which which will give you some simple drills to make the changes and save you money!!!!

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