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Improve your tee shot

We are entering the last week of waiting until everyone descends upon the recently vacated golf courses over the past few months.

A high percentage our first tee shot back will undoubtedly be taken with the driver so with lack of practice, possibly reduced swing speed along with stiff muscles for most it will be a daunting prospect with mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension. Read More

Golfing Girl Olympics golf

Olympic Golf for Golfing Girls

Thankfully we were blessed with a perfect Summer's day for our Olympic Golf for GolfingGirls Summer Festival which is one of the highlights of our calendar year with an Olympic twist.

I think the whole Olympic Golf  coverage was a huge success with large crowds watching the Men's event which produced a really heart warming outcome. I am sure there were some who did not agree with the inclusion of golf within the 2016 Rio programme, however the interest based around Rose's superb win was amazing especially on the social media channels. I would have loved personally to see a "team" style option for the player's selected adding to the excitement of the occasion.  I sincerely hope the new found interest in golf can be sustained with continued options provided to those new players who would now like to try the sport. Read More

Get into Golf Essex

With Sarah Bennett PGA Fellow Professional her Get into Golf Essex sessions are open to new golfers of all abilities and ages.

Three Rivers Golf Club

Three Rivers Golf Club near Chelmsford is known to be a friendly and welcoming environment with ideal practice facilities and two golf courses with 4 short practice holes to test out your new skills. Read More