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Sarah Bennett

This Girl Can Golf

It was wonderful to hear This Girl Can reach its first birthday today so it must fall closely in line with the big "drive" to introduce This Girl Can Golf which I believe is having a positive impact.

Obviously my passion is golf! hence This Girl Can Golf title, so much work across the UK and world has been directed into providing new and exciting opportunities  for Women and Girls to try to enjoy the sport for life. Read More

Avoid slow Play

Avoid Slow Play

Much has been written recently regarding the "decline" of players starting this wonderful game but the industry has changed hugely since I started golf over 30 years ago. There has been a complete shift in the way golf clubs are managed along with an array of membership joining and playing options for current and new golfers to suit our ever changing life styles.

I love introducing new players to the game, with the ladies through my GolfingGirl programme which I set up 6 years ago. It was one of the first pilots in the UK with a very successful proven track record. I introduce a number of playing sessions to men and ladies groups making the game more enjoyable, accelerating learning and ultimately helping with shot and decision making skills all which help to avoid slow play with increased knowledge. Read More

Golfing Girl is Club Champion

Sarah Bennett Getting Ladies into Golf

Three years ago Gill thought "it is about time that I joined my family and try this game called golf" She was frustrated at  listening to the stories and not being able to contribute to conversations about the super views, being outside in the fantastic Summer weather not to mention the opportunities to travel abroad. Read More