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Improve your tee shot

We are entering the last week of waiting until everyone descends upon the recently vacated golf courses over the past few months.

A high percentage our first tee shot back will undoubtedly be taken with the driver so with lack of practice, possibly reduced swing speed along with stiff muscles for most it will be a daunting prospect with mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension. Read More

How to hit a golf shot over water

How to hit your golf shot over water

I would like to address one of the most feared shots by the majority of golfers..  how to hit your golf shot over water.

We have all been there, it can be the ultimate card wrecker so let's face and defeat the mental challenge,  so here are some suggestions and thoughts which can easily be taken to the course in a couple of weeks time. Read More

Sarah Bennett’s Top Tips for playing golf in the rain

Sarah Bennett's Top Tips for playing golf in the rain

Golf is one of a few sports which we are able to play mostly all year round,  this does require a certain degree of commitment and dedication but certainly a great deal of adaptability. Read More

Sarah Bennett Ladies Golf Event

Well I can't believe I have just held the sixth Sarah Bennett Ladies Golf Event which was attended by 20 fantastic enthusiastic ladies all ready to meet new friends and experience a Bennett's Birdies Classic Golf Event.

There are a number of traditions within this special Sarah Bennett Ladies Golf Event which has grown considerably after the first event such as best hat which was keenly contested with the winner having hand made a Christmas box complete with a bow! Read More

How to improve your putting using a golf drill

As we approach the winter months with limited daylight and practice opportunities, I wanted to give you a putting drill which can be practiced inside as well as outside. I have a number of drills which can be used inside so keep your eyes open for my blogs and newsletters.

I really rate this "low cost" putting drill which I learnt from Michael Breed a top USA PGA Coach. The drill is not about holing the putt so we do not even have to aim for the hole. The drill is all about the putting stroke, working to achieve a "square" putter face at the moment of impact with the ball which is critical in maintaining a solid, consistent strike producing effective distance control. Read More

Family Golfing Event in Essex for all generations

Local Essex PGA Fellow Professional Sarah Bennett held her inaugural Golfing Generations in Essex family day at Three Rivers Golf and Country club on the 12th September.

The Golfing Generations was the brain child of Bennett who had hosted a similar event for the past three years on a smaller scale. Her vision to open the entries to the County and those from neighbouring Counties, to her delight one pair travelled from Hertfordshire to play in the well organised day. One young girl attended who was totally new to the game,  was encouraged to “have a go” by another girl who Sarah has coached for 5 years. At the end of the day her father said “I have now been asked to buy some clubs and shoes so that my daughter can continue with the sport, I am absolutely delighted. She was disappointed we only played 9 holes!” Read More